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Q&A With Canadian Producer Lunice: On The Philippines, Winter, And His New Track “Bus Stop Jazz”

Q&A With Canadian Producer Lunice: On The Philippines, Winter, And His New Track “Bus Stop Jazz”

By toksala
December 30, 2010

Canada’s producer/DJ Lunice is hard at work doctoring the art of hip hop. His cheeky tracks hearken hip hop’s so-called Golden Age in the 80s and 90s, but they come with rich compositions that draw a definitive line between the wannabes and the real musicians.

The hip hop musician just dropped a new mixtape and a new track (below), and he took a moment to chat with us about his old breakdancing habits, , his multi-racial background (he’s black/Filipino), and Canada’s a$$ cold weather.

Check out the interview below!

You’ve said before that you are NOT a rapper. Ever thought about taking a stab at it?
I’ve taken a stab at it after many alcoholic beverages… And it was still a complete fail. So no, unfortunately I’ll never be able to become a decent rapper.

Why do you prefer to produce and DJ?
Mainly because I first started to produce and being a DJ just came naturally but also there’s just so much more control and freedom you can do when you’re up on stage representing yourself as an artist more than a DJ. First, you don’t do requests and second the people who come through for your night are mainly there to hear your original production and wile out on the dance floor. So it’s been pretty interesting to see how producers are becoming the forefront when it comes to playing their own music out.

How are you staying warm In Canada these days?
Layers, but the trick is to not put a lot of layers… just the right types of layers is key to successful warmth in this rough Canadian winter season because you still want to swag on the 10th but don’t want to look like a mammoth wearing too many layers. I can get deep on ways to stay warm in Canada but I’d rather leave that for a completely different discussion.

Can you tell us about your relationship with dance? Got any signature moves?
Nah no signature moves. I find my relationship with dance to be on the same mind set of how I make music. When I first got into breakdancing I was always interested in finding different ways to do certain moves, stuff people wouldn’t normally think about I guess.

You’re part Filipino, right? Has being multi-racial affected your standing in the hip hop scene?
Nope! I think it’s mainly because I’m more on the experimental side? So people are more caught up figuring out how to pinpoint the kind of music I make first then maybe they think about my background? Not sure, but it hasn’t been anything different about me being multi-racial in the hip hop scene.

Have you ever been to the Philippines? Do you have a big Filipino fanbase?
Actually, I have this massive family reunion in 2012 so it’ll be my first time visiting the Philippines! And no I don’t believe I have a Filipino fanbase. One day… One day…

Are you hoping for a hip hop Golden Age revival?
Not necessarily, I want people, specifically of my generation, to re-appreciate the feel, the steez, and sound it had. Because people of my era (I’m born in 1988) were too young to fully grasp the whole Golden Age scene. I remember my older sister listening to Wu-Tang, Redman, Erick Sermon and so on but at that time I was just a kid wanting to play games and not wanting to listen to any music. My love for Golden Age Rap Music only came midway through high school. So that I’m trying to do now is to connect with as many people who are about my age and who can flow and sound good to that kind of rhythm. So I recently worked with these two amazing rappers from the Bay Area called The Jealous Guys and we made this song called “Bus Stop Jazz.” So it’s just a really interesting project I’m working on. It’s the new generation creating this sound from our standpoint where the rapper would talk about things of our generation. We’re just good kids chillin’ and making good sounds for the people!

Who are you listening to right now?
My own music… No I’m not Kanye, I’m just working on new material right now as I am doing this interview!

Is there a debut album in the works?
Nothing set in stone, but I am slowly building up a full-length album idea for the future, but for now I still have a lot of work to do in terms of releasing more records, remixes and different musical projects that is relevant to my work!

Check out Lunice’s new track “Bus Stop Jazz!”
Lunice & The Jealous Guys – Bus Stop Jazz by Lunice

Photo Credit:Jennifer Dunaj

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