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Tecnobrega Pixie Daniel Peixoto Wants Love AND Sex

Tecnobrega Pixie Daniel Peixoto Wants Love AND Sex

Valentine’s Day – that celebration of love, romance, and Catholic martrydom – is almost here. Whether you cherish it or despise it, you can’t really get away from it, so we asked a few of our favorite bands to share their own experiences. Funny, bitter, sad, romantic, tragically awkward...they didn't hold back. So if you're dreading V-Day, read on! You're not alone.

By Halley Bondy
February 13, 2012

The omni-sexual Brazilian electric artist Daniel Peixoto is always a raunchy delight — whether writhing in sand or peeing on the dancefloor. So of course we wanted to voyeuristically peer into his bedroom and get to know allll about his love life.

Sadly for us, the blonde pixie remained relatively sedate and low-key romantic. A hand-written note and a reservation at a love hotel seems to be enough…wait, that’s actually great news for anyone who wants to get into his pants!

What’s your most memorable/worst/funniest Valentine’s Day date?

I had a fight with my then-boyfriend and that day I did on a sound system float. I was singing for almost 1 million people and then I saw him, in the middle of the crowd, coming in my direction and saying that he loved me! So cute!

Image courtesy Daniel Peixoto

What is the most hated Valentine’s Day tradition in your country?

In Brazil we celebrate it on another day of the year, and unlike the U.S. there aren’t many traditions other than exchanging gifts. The most annoying part is that all the hotels made for love-making are fully booked!

If you really did want to impress someone on Valentine’s Day, what would you do?

The way to impress someone would be writing something deep and true by hand, a kind of document, a testament of my love! Oh, and also some great sex wouldn’t be bad…

If you HAD to pick the most romantic song ever, what would pick and why?

“Ne Me quitte pas” by Maysa. The lyrics speak for themselves!

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