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Bnds Mssng Vwls: WTF, Is This a Trend?

10 Bands That Dropped The Vowels

Are you developing a stutter just trying to pronounce band names lately? You’re not alone. A flurry of consonants has descended on the music industry like a hoard of bees. Real words are being transformed into unpronounceable gobbledygook. Whether it’s out of laziness, googlability concerns, copyright issues, or terrible spelling, bands nowadays seem to prefer their names with half the letters missing.

We know what you’re thinking…why hasn’t anyone killed this trend with a top 10 list? Leave the dirty work to us. Feast your weary eyes on the world’s best all-consonant band names.

And — because an MTV Iggy band name list is like a fine wine, the parameters are very, very, strict.  We’re not talking about acronyms like TLC or random jumbles of letters like the xx. We’re talking about actual words with the vowels (and then some) cut out. And just to make everything more challenging for ourselves: yes, Y’s are vowels. Lynyrd Skynyrd and *NSYNC need not apply.

Got it? Let’s begin!

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