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From Bowie to Destiny’s Child: 11 Signs The World Has Comeback Fever


It seems like a memo went out to music legends (and near-legends) this week, and the memo said: “Late January. Comeback. Ill-advised? Maybe. Oh well, motherfuckers…It’s on.”

Just this week we’ve seen announcements of new material/tours/LPs from everyone from The Stooges to Black Flag to Daft Punk. It’s like everyone wants to relive the 90s, the 60s and the early 2000s all at once. We’re psyched about most of them. Others, not so much.

Either way, it’s hard to keep all of January’s comeback announcements straight, so here’s a roundup for your convenience.

The Strokes

The Strokes are releasing a new LP with an unknown drop date. It will be the first since their 2011 album (I know, woopee), Angles, and the new track ”One Way Trigger” previews a neat, somewhat underwhelming minimalist approach.

Iggy & The Stooges

I wish this were bigger news, but The Stooges actually released a panned album called The Weirdness just six years back. And unfortunately, the punk visionaries — who changed live music forever in the 70s — are now down a guitarist, Ron Asheton, who died of a heart attack in 2009. We expect a darker tone from the new LP, and it sounds like we’re gonna get it.

The album, called Ready to Die, promises a more old school Stooges flavor reminiscent of their early Raw Power days. We’ll believe it when we see it.

(Despite all the precious shit, we’re totally excited.)

Justin Timberlake

Hard to believe Iggy Pop and Justin are on the same list, but here goes. JT is returning after a seven-year hiatus, and he’s completely revamped his image…again. The unspoken consensus on “Suit & Tie” — the single  off his upcoming album The 20/20 Experience (out March 19) — is that the song is meh except for that funky middle. Or maybe, that’s just my opinion.

David Bowie

This one was actually a stunner, since Bowie worked in secret for two years making his forthcoming album The Next Day. His first single in 10 years — an ode to Berlin called “Where Are We Now” — comes with emotional heft and an appropriately creepy video. We’re happy to see him again, and to know that he’s still the world’s most beloved weirdo. Look out for the album in March.

Destiny’s Child

The world shouted a collective “yayyyy!!!” when Destiny’s Child announced their first single in eight years, “Nuclear,” which made an appearance on their compilation album Love Songs. Then, the world shouted a collective “meh!” when they heard the hook-less result.


In November, Soundgarden released their first album, King Animal, in 16 years. It’s most noted for its loyalty to the grungy sounds that made them famous — in other words, for its Soundgardeny-ness, and their new video for “By Crooked Steps” is no exception. It’s even directed by Dave Grohl. Although, Deadmau5 is in it. That freaking guy.

Kriss Kross

You read right. After 21 years, the guys from Kriss Kross are reuniting for a concert on February 23, celebrating the anniversary of their former label, So So Def, in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the “Jump” hitmakers are not nearly as adorable as they used to be. But let’s relish in how adorable they used to be.

My Bloody Valentine

The internet has speculated, speculated, and speculated some more. But allegedly, My Bloody Valentine’s first single in 21 years is really is coming out this week. Really. Seriously. Okay?? 

The UK noise innovators have already been touring for years, and in the last few weeks, they’ve been keeping shoegaze-lovers chomping at the bit for their forthcoming, highly-rumored album.

The hype is getting a little exhausting, frankly — can we be done now?


To call MGMT legends or comeback-worthy is kind of a stretch, but they have the iconic honor of being one of the first bands to be widely associated with the Williamsburg McCarren Park hipster sect in the mid-2000s. So, they’re defining of a generation, kind of.

They just announced a new, self-titled debut album coming out in June. Apparently, it’s not going to be an easy listen —  which says a lot considering the insanity of 2010′s Congratulations. 

Daft Punk

Final-fucking-ly. After eight years, French robot house tastemakers Daft Punk have returned to the studios for a full-length.

It’s hard to imagine now, but electronic dance music wasn’t even on the radar in the US until these dudes came along, donning robot gear and making awkward, futuristic videos. Hopefully, their new album — slated for release in the spring — will save us from the new EDM guard.

Black Flag

The winner for “most shit-talked reunion of this week” goes to the eminent Cali hardcore group, Black Flag. The formative 80s group are going on tour and releasing their first album in 28 years, much to the chagrin of punk fans who think the band should stay icons and not become old, nostalgic, opportunistic losers. At various points in their tumultuous career, Black Flag has switched members, lost Henry Rollins (pictured), and angrily split into two groups (Black Flag, and Flag) — and both incarnations have announced simultaneous tours.

Turns out, hardcore bands are petty as hell.

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