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Insulation for your Ears: 5 Songs to Keep You Warm This Winter

The Ultimate Winter-Proof Playlist

If the November chill is driving you to insanity, don’t panic! And for God’s sake don’t buy a Snuggie. We at MTV Iggy are hooking you up with 5 new songs that deliver that warm and fuzzy feeling without raising your heating bill.

“Horses” by Montevideo (Belgium)

70s disco and funk bleeds into 80s synth  or a layered sound that’s as heavy as your cable-knit sweater. Add some tender feminine pipes and a looping electro background, and you’ve got a winter remedy courtesy of Brussels-born Montevideo.

“If You Go Home Alone” by Milano Sun (Sweden)

Perfect. Snuggle. Music. Like Bon Iver‘s breakthrough album For Emma, Forever Ago, “If You Go Home Alone” sounds like it was written in an isolated, cozy cabin in the woods. Milano Sun‘s simple but poignant lyrics cut deep, with lines like “If you go home alone, can you say to me a last time that you love me?” Hard not to melt into mush.

“Fog of War” by Young Dreams (Norway)

“Fog of War,” is like a shot of whiskey, slowly sending warm tingles through your whole body and stinging the right amount. Young Dreams‘ dense vocal and string arrangements steer us to a territory somewhere between the Beach Boys and Fleet Foxes.

“True Romance” by Citizens! (UK)

The sound of twinkling jingle bells can’t help but remind us of holiday music, but unlike the stale Christmas songs you simply can’t escape, “True Romance,” is a jam you could play all year long. The radiant little love song from Citizens! will leave you glowing (and so will its make-out session of a video).

“Lovin” by Millionyoung (Coral Springs, Florida)

Maybe it’s because the guy’s from the Sunshine State, but Millionyoung is dropping some serious UV rays on the 1s and 2s. With sexy, smooth vocals plus bright keyboards, his tropical sound is hot enough to make even the chilliest of chillwave fans melt.

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