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Let’s Get Lusty! Here’s Your 2013 Global Valentine’s Day Playlist

It’s finally here — the global day of love, coupling and corporate greeting cards. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Whether you’ve got a honey or not, you can get in in the mood by getting down with our global playlist, filled with love songs, and love-hate songs from around the world. Get snuggling… (even if it’s with ice cream).

2NE1 — “I Love You”

Fashionable, fabulous and seductive as always! 2NE1, K-pop’s diva girl group keeps it sexy and chic while they profess their love on their knees. (Calm down, it’s just a dance move.)

Los Rakas — “Raka Love”

This specially-packaged Valentine’s Day Raka Love EP is full of future-laced love rap en Español for all the romantics out there.

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters — “Love is All I got”

In the end, love is all we got. If you feel that way, then Feed Me and Crystal Fighters’ universal UK love song is the all-time jammy jam.

Triple Hex — “Love Song”

Triple Hex’s gritty Brooklyn blues rock track “Love Song” is basically saying what we’re all thinking. And what we’re thinking is: let’s get laid.

I-Octane — “L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.”

Jamaican crooner I-Octane spells out his love for for a special lady in this soft and warm roots reggae riddim.

Words by Atiba Rogers

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