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7 Batshit Artists We WISH Would Walk The Grammys Red Carpet


Unless Lady Gaga is pulling something incredible from her meat-sleeves, we’re basically in for more of the same when it comes to Grammys red carpet fashion this year. But we can dream. So we will.

Here are 7 fashionably batshit artists we wish would grace the Grammys this year and wow our eyeballs.

Brooke Candy

Cali’s pink-dredded Brooke Candy rose to indie fame with her stunning appearance in the Grimes video “Genesis.” She makes the cut because the Grammys is sorely lacking in stripper-turned-MCs, people who look like they’d just been to Burning Man, and people who can pull off angry-sexy.


G-Dragon — of K-pop boy band Big Bang fame — is out of his mind. His outfits in the video for “Crayon” range from Wonder Woman gear to a wooden boy Pinocchio outfit to straight-up drag — and he’d be one of the sexiest girls at the Grammys. (Calm down, it’s a body double.)

Gato Preto

Move over, conventional knowledge! Here comes Afro-Steampunk fashion! The Mozambique/Ghana/Portugal/Germany crew Gato Preto is making high-energy global bass as hybridized as their fashion sense, and the Grammys looks like an old lady sewing circle by comparison.

King Khan

Apart from his oft-shirtless sultan getup, Canadian garage rocker King Khan would be a pleasure to have at the Grammys due to a guaranteed drunken brawl. Possibly plural.


Die Antwoord

Who knows, these guys may actually be going to the Grammys at this point. But the South African zef MCs continue to shock, amaze, and trailblaze with their amalgam of freaky trashy spandexy sailory (that’s a new one) moustachey…stuff.



Maluca is an NYC Dominicana and Diplo find who could rest on the laurels of her lanky model looks. But instead, she chooses to dress in plastic and pasties. Plus, she puts MIA’s gif thing to shame.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Can you imagine Japan sensation Kyary Pamyu Pamyu walking the red carpet? The whole damn event would blow a fuse Beyonce Superbowl style, then everyone’s brains would blow up. It would be a nasty scene.

And for that reason, Kyary is number one on our list.

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