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Stateless Bass: Four Hunks Of Global Dance Music In Transit

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Global bass gets a little more global everyday. Kuduro, baile funk and cumbia may have originated in Angola, Brazil and Colombia respectively, but now you might hear those rhythms coming from DJ decks and Soundcloud account registered anywhere in the world. What does it mean? And is baile funk from Sweden even real baile funk? These are questions for the cultural studies thesis I’m not going to write here. For now, let’s say it’s a big planet and there are a lot of beats ricocheting around. Consider these four jams the snappiest of snapshots of right now.

 Daniel Haaksman Presents Tecno Brega

Spawned in the northern reaches of Brazil, tecno brega looks poised to follow in the globe-trotting tracks of funk. The relentlessly upbeat techno sound is catching on outside of Brazil, with an all tecno brega stage at Worldtronics Festival in Berlin curated by Daniel Haaksman of Man Recordings. He also just happens to have released a tecno brega compilation featuring many Brazilian groups like Banda UÓ but also Major Lazer, Crookers and Haaksman himself with their own take on the sample-happy style.

And as sound travels, things get complicated. Secretive Brazilian tecno brega producer DJ Cremoso’s track on the compilation remixes Brazilian Londoner João Brasil’s “Funk do iPhone” featuring Marina Gasolina of Bonde do Rolê, who is also from Brazil and living in London. It’s a tecno brega song made out of a baile funk track from England. Yep.

Mash Up International’s Lava Cabeza EP

This one has the concept in the group name. Along with up and comers VAZ and Swedish MC Timbuktu, Gnucci (of Sweden as well) gets typically inappropriate and quasi-bilingual on the title track to this just-dropped EP from Swedish DJ/Producer trio Mash Up International. ”Lava Cabeza” the track is all over the place, but Lava Cabeza the EP circles the globe with fiery swirls of house, baile funk and bassy bass-bass.

Sarah Young’s The Chant EP

UK DJ Sarah Young was initially know for vending moombahton, that DC-bred, Internet-borne, reggaeton-inspired most country-less of rhythms. Her new EP The Chant departs from that mold a bit, but that just means its stylistic origins are even less traceable. Color it tropical house?

El Graveton 3

There is one bass movement more anything-goes than moombahton. Graveton has moombah licked. It could sound like anything, but mostly it sounds like mutant psychedelic cumbia, and it only seems to be available through Spain’s Caballito Net Label. Actually, El Graveton is more like the name of the eclectic, multinational compilations the label puts out. But let’s not quibble. The third installment is here so let’s listen to a sliver from label co-founder Bigote instead.

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