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SXSW 2011 Preview: 10 More International Artists to Watch

Since we last wrote about the upcoming mega concert SXSW 2011, about 100 fabulous artists have been added to the loooong bill.

We have no choice but to give you another top 10 list of international bands. Now you’ve got 20 of the hottest hip hop, electro, pop, and fusion bands around the globe, and all of them are heading to Austin on that fateful week in March.

Use them wisely, and go forth to into SXSW chaos, my friend.

Revolver: Endearing French Chamber Pop

You need a lighthearted, calming segue before you hurl yourself into SXSW chaos. Check out the freshly debuted Revolver, a lulling folk-influenced trio from France with pleasing vocal harmonies. We saw them during the CMJ Music Marathon this year, so they’ve got their North American concert routine on lock.

Check out their track “Balulalow” off Music for a While.

DAM: Hip Hop From Palestine

They’ve had visa trouble getting into the States in the past, but Arabic hip hop group DAM is slated to grace Austin in March. The trio grew up in Al-Lyd, or Lod, Israel, where rich Jews and poor Arabs were divided by a wall after Israel’s formation The group formed to send a message about equality among Arabs and Israelis, but most importantly, their flows are fresh and they’re fun as hell live. Check out an exclusive performance on the steps of Times Square!

Go Chic: Taiwanese Electro Punk

Armed with guitars, synth, and attitude coming out of their ears, the loud girl band Go Chic has been aptly compared to Peaches and Le Tigre. Combining electro pop and punk rock, these ladies will get you thrashing your body around like it’s the 90s and angry mod rock reigns supreme. Check out their track “Culture Supervisor” off their recent debut I Am Confused.


Chateau Marmont: Dancetastic French Disco

Chateau Marmont International SXSW 2011

Photo Courtesy of Nicola Delorme

Alright Euro rave kids and Kraftwerk fans, it’s your turn. The four French fellows in Chateau Marmont will make you bounce to the blips and vocoder at SXSW with their single “Beagle.” Maybe they’ll play their sparkly Midnight Juggernauts remix too.


Dehli 2 Dublin: Bhangra and Celtic Pop from Canada

Creating a hot blend of bhangra, Irish Celtic music, and fast-paced, glitchy club beats, the Canadian-based multicultural fivesome Delhi 2 Dublin will take care of your pop fusion fix. Check out the ever-shifting genres in “Tommy,” a single off their 2010 album Planet Electric.

Profetas: Colombian Hip Hop Prophets

Looking for some booty gyrating at SXSW? Check out Profetas, a smooth Afro-Colombian hip hop/Latin/reggae fusion duo. We’ve gushed about frontwoman Antombo Langangui’s Mary J. Blige vocals and Pablo Fortaleza’s smooth flow. Here’s the dancetastic “Baila” off their LP Amor y Fortaleza.

Profetas – Baila from Cinemedia Films on Vimeo. Above photo via MySpace.

Operator Please: Youthful Australian Electro Pop


We’re into Operator Please, a darling electro pop group out of Australia that got famous straight out of high school. Check out their single “Like Magic” off their latest album Gloves. It’s worlds apart from their earlier punky stuff, but maybe they’ll break out the 80s style 2007 track “It’s Just A Song About Ping Pong” for nostalgia sake.

Operator Please – Like Magic from Dimitri Kalagas on Vimeo. Above photo via Facebook.

Nexcyx: Barbados R&B Gossip Girl

Nexcyx SXSW 2011 International Artists to Watch

Photo Courtesy of Nexcyx

Diehard Gossip Girl fans may know the Bajan quartet Nexcyx’s single “Gossip Girl,” which made it into the final cut of to appear in the show’s trailer. Mahalia Phillips croons over glitchy R&B pop on their debut EP Queen, which is slated to be the next big thing out of Barbados (they’ve already opened for Erykah Badu). Rihanna/Nexcyx catfight? Check out her Gossip Girl entry here.

Polock: Spanish Psych Rock

Polock — yes, that’s one L — is Spain’s delightful sonic answer to Phoenix, with  lighthearted upper register vocals,  bass-driven tracks, and a certain melancholy  despite all the prettiness.

Their recent album Getting Down From The Trees comes with wistful, upbeat indie rock tracks that once earned them a shared stage with Franz Ferdinand.

Check out their tracks here.

Las Robertas: Costa Rican Chillwave

Las Robertas SXSW 2011 International Artists to Watch

Photo Courtesy of Las Robertas

Sick of electro sounds of the city? Take a trip to the beach with the all girl Costa Rican quartet Las Robertas, a Latin answer to Best Coast, and the first Costa Rican band to perform at SXSW. Their debut noise album Cry Out Loud has the charm of reverb and sunshine, with just the right smidgen of emo darkness.

Check out Cry Out Loud tracks below!

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