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Teenage Rockstars: The Best 11 Under 21

Kids these days! When they’re not fidgeting with their smartphones or Facebooking with their Twitter pages, it seems they’re all composing great triumphs in music history.

Yes, it appears that the Internet age has led to a flurry of fresh-faced stars all over the globe — and they can’t drink at their gig venues (in the U.S., anyway). But with every pimply Tom, Dick, and Harry teenager fumbling with Ableton and posting to YouTube these days, it’s hard to find the real, seasoned talent. So here is our helpful guide to actually good artists under 21 from around the world!

11. Jungle Fiction

This trio of Icelandic 19-year-olds earned an opening slot for Hot Chip due to their rave-pleasing electro house, and their remixes of  Cassette Culture, Chateau Marmont, Kele,  and Two Door Cinema Club. Life’s all downhill from here, boys!

10. 3Ball

Erick Rincon of 3Ball. Photo Courtesy of Erick Rincon

Pronounced “tribal” if you’re from Latin America, this trio of 17, 18, and 19-year-old producers from Tijuana work with the world famous Toy Selectah to drop sophisticated dance floor tropical bass. But how can you break out your electric convulsive booty moves in front of such innocent eyes?!

9. Mother Falcon

Three cheers for the old school prodigies — you know, the ones who ditched prom to practice violin for eight hours? The under-21 chamberpop orchestra Mother Falcon managed to master the A-Z of torturous instruments. They’re here representing the thriving, so-called U21 youth band culture in Austin, Texas, only they’re one of the few groups in the scene not trying to be the Ramones.

8. Egyptian Hip Hop

Listening to Egyptian Hip Hop’s single “Wild Human Child,” these deceptively-named under-21-year-olds from the UK could easily be mistaken for 30-something Franz Ferdinand contemporaries. Lead singer Alex Hewett even warbles like a grown-up Robert Smith. But no, they can’t even rent cars yet. Then again, they’re not Egyptian MCs either.

Sky Ferreira. Photo: Getty Images

7. Bleeding Knees Club

This Australian duo wasn’t even born with The Jesus and Mary Chain reached their peak, but the latter’s fuzzy beach influence somehow seeped into Bleeding Knees Clubs’ very nascent memory banks. Their happy, fun, and deliberately sloppy garage pop proves that chillin’ is indeed an intergenerational activity.

6. Sky Ferreira

For a 19-year-old kid, Sky Ferreira has the maturity and pop goods to compete with the big time. She’s already signed to Capitol Records, she already starred in a creepy video with Michael Madsen, made palsies with Katy Perry, was photographed with vodka between her legs, and her song “Sex Rules” was even on a Calvin Klein ad. I spy a shaved head and ankle monitors in her future, but for now, let’s just enjoy what’s left of her innocence.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

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