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The Music Experiment: 10 Tips Before You See Flux Pavilion Live

Photo Credit: Claire Curtis

Prepare to freaking party. MTV Iggy teamed up with Intel to put on another epic, free secret show as part of our ongoing series called The Music Experiment. This time, for the finale of our four-show run, dub king Flux Pavilion heads to Los Angeles on November 13 for a killer show that you don’t want to miss. And to get you ravers ready, we’ve totally prepared an all-you-need-to-know guideline of do’s and don’ts. Ten to be exact, so make sure to study hard, k, because no one wants to look crazy in front of Sir Flux.

Happy raving!

Keep it Clean … You’re Under the Blacklight
Should be obvious, but hey. So if you’ve got some nasty stains on your teeshirt or elsewhere, leave it at home (or throw it in the wash already, man). Of course, circa 2 am, it’s fully acceptable to have your beer and sweatstains outed by the blacklight machine. But don’t get ahead of yourself and show up dirty to begin with. Not. Acceptable.

Avoid Cliches
DON’T rock one of those “Have you seen Molly?” t-shirts. Ya know, unless you’re going for that “I’m 17 and trying really hard to look totally awesome at my first rave” look. The EDM scene is all about expressing individuality, so stay true to your own style and rock something original and within the Gothic Neon theme. Hit up our Music Experiment Pinterest page for additional style cues, and your gear is guaranteed to be a conversation piece instead of useless smalltalk with the cops.

Loosen Up
Any serious raver knows that you’re going to be on your feet, dancing your ass off for hours on end. Don’t even think about being a stiff on the wall. So skip the constricting, uncomfortable clothing and let loose in some breezy, moveable gear that allows you to really shake it. Layers are great, as you can always take something off if you’re getting overheated. Which brings us to our next point..

H20 Tho…
Water is your friend, so don’t leave it as an afterthought. I know it’ll be hard to think about anything but rocking out before the show, but don’t leave your place without chugging a Poland Spring or two. The last thing you want to happen is you miss the show because you were too dehydrated and didn’t want to fork over 5 bucks for bottled water at the venue. (Let’s try not to see spots tonight, k?)

Don’t be afraid to ditch your friends
Obviously you want to roll up to a rave with some party people. But don’t let your posse end up being your ball and chain. Sometimes getting separated gives you the perfect in to squeeze your way up to the stage solo. So if you’re trying to get a closer glimpse of the DJ, and your friends want to hang by the bar, do your thing. As long as it feels safe and your friends are cool with hanging back, establish a meeting spot for the end of the night, and you’re golden.

Get Ready for Your Close Up
Raves are crawling with photographers trying to capture the sickest pictures of the night. So wear something extra funky and be prepared to flash your pearly whites for the raver paparazzi. Make sure you snag the photographer’s business card, or if you’re really smart, check out the post concert photos on, we’ll be posting them there and on our Instagram (@MTVIggy). (Repost them to make all your friends who bailed super jealous.)

Make Friends, not War
Rave crowds can be a bit claustrophobic. Instead of hating on the girl who’s stepped on your foot 10 times in the past 10 minutes, or desperately trying to escape the couple making out behind you, put a smile on and maybe you’ll make some friends. A huge part of the EDM scene is promoting peace and love, so you’re bound to find some cool, warmhearted people in the crowd. Raves can offer many things, but personal space isn’t one of them. The sooner you get over that, the sooner you’ll be ready to have a great time and perhaps meet your partner in crime.

Be a Minimalist
As a lady who can’t help but pack three suitcases for a weekend getaway, I know how hard it can be to downsize. But at a rave, you REALLY wanna ditch your Mary Poppins bag for a small, cross-body satchel or even get into the rave spirit with a crazy colorful ’90s fanny pack (A neon one would be killer). Since most venues don’t accept credit cards, keep it simple. Bring some cash, an ID and your phone. You don’t want to be weighed down with a backpack. Trust, it’ll make breezing past security that much quicker so you can party ASAP.

Get Your Groove on, Shamelessly
Picture this: everyone’s moving and grooving except for that one dude who’s standing there motionless. Can you say buzzkill? If a rave was somewhere where you were really going to be judged, why on earth would there be so many people with blue hair and fairy wings?! You don’t have to be a pro dancer to vibe out and get down, so don’t be shy. Just feel the music, man.

BYOE: Bring Your Own Energy
There will be nowhere for you to stop and take a power nap. So make sure you prepare accordingly. And while this may sound super maternal of me, make sure you get a good night’s sleep and eat well the day of the show, so you’re not fading faster than your favorite kicks get to settle in. And you definitely don’t want to be that friend who misses the dope after party because you can’t keep your eyes open. A Red Bull couldn’t hurt either.

For more information on the Music Experiment Los Angeles, presented by Intel, and how you can pick up free tickets to see at Flux Pavilion perform live in a secret show, head to now for details.

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