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Top 10 Fast Food Items Not Available in the USA

Recently, Buzzfeed posted a list of 14 fast food products that are sold around the world, but not in fast food’s chubby birthplace: the USA.

And it turns out, the land of stars and stripes is totally getting the short shrift.

Since Buzzfeed’s list made my mouth water,  I thought it necessary to point out my personal faves of the bunch!

1. Chicken Buriyani from KFC in Sri Lanka

Chicken Buriyani comes with fried chicken, curry gravy, and buriyani rice. Since when does KFC have flavor???

Chicken Buriyani, KFC, Sri Lanka

Chicken Buriyani from KFC, Sri Lanka. Photo Credit:KFC via Buzzfeed

2. Das Nürnburger from McDonalds in Germany
In Germany, a teeny rubbery burger patty is basically illegal. So McDonalds appeased those picky carnivores with the awesomely named Das Nurnburger, and filled it with three real bratwursts. The jury’s out on whether or not the Germans are convinced.

Das Nurnburger, Germany, McDonalds

With real bratwurst! Photo Credit:McDonalds via Buzzfeed

3. Tender Beef Pentagon at KFC in China
This is a tortilla filled with Schezuan beef, tortilla chips, lettuce, tomato,  and mayonnaise. I just can’t believe KFC would shell out for a box like this.

tender beef pentagon, KFC, China

Tender Beef Pentagon at China's KFC. Photo Credit:KFC via Buzzfeed

4. McArabia from McDonalds in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates
Judging by the McArabia, the USA and the Middle East are getting along just swimmingly. The USA franchise offers the area WAYYYY superior food; the McArabia comes with patties of grilled chicken or kofta (beef), served in an Arabic style pita bread, with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and garlic mayonnaise. Seriously, that actually sounds edible.

McArabia, Morocco, McDonalds

McArabia in Morocco's McDonalds. Photo Credit:McDonalds via Buzzfeed

5. Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza at Pizza Hut in Malaysia
Check out this ad for Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown Pizza in Malaysia. Has Pizza Hut in America ever been able to use the phrases: “Auspicious for the new year,” “pineapples signifying wealth,” and “Liquid Gold” when describing its pizza? Look at this elaborate f***king shrimp pie thing!!

6. Nacho Whoppers at Burger King in the Netherlands
Nachos?? Burgers?? Together?? Only in the Netherlands would this be legal.

Nacho whoppers, Burger King, Netherlands

Nacho Whoppers at Burger King, Netherlands. Photo Credit:Burger King, via Buzzfeed

7. iCon Chicken Sandwich at McDonalds, Japan
Even JAPAN is getting German sausage in their McDonalds sandwiches. Awww, I feel sorry for America’s poor reject patties.

By the way, this also comes in a fondue. I’m serious.

iCon Chicken Sandwich, McDonalds, Japan

iCon Chicken Sandwich at McDonalds, Japan. Photo Credit:Mcdonalds, Japan

8. Septuple Whopper at Burger King in Japan
Only the land the produced Takeru Kobayashi could tolerate such a thing. Technically it’s called the Window 7 Burger, which makes it even less appetizing. Can’t I like Microsoft’s latest software without choking on it?

Septuple Whopper, Burger King, Japan

Septuple Whopper, Burger King, Japan. Photo Credit:Burger King, Japan via Buzzfeed

9. Camembert Premiere at McDonalds in France
OMG, France! Fried premiere Camembert cheese nuggets? Why have a McDonalds at all!?!

camembert premiere, McDonalds, France

Camembert Premiere, McDonalds, France. Photo Credit:McDonalds, via Buzzfeed

10. Egg Tarts at KFC in China, Singapore & Taiwan
And for dessert…something that DOESN’T look like a turd-like apple pie.

Egg Tart, McDonalds, Singapore, China, Taiwan

Egg Tart, McDonalds, Singapore, China, Taiwan

All these are just my personal faves. To see Buzzfeed’s full list, click here!

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