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Top 10 Sister Duos of 2011

Got a Sister? Start a Band!

By Halley Bondy
July 7, 2011

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  1. #10
  2. #9
    Watson Twins
  3. #8
    T-ara & 5dolls
  4. #7
    The Pierces
  5. #6
    Tegan and Sara
  6. #5
    Les Nubians
  7. #4
  8. #3
  9. #2
    First Aid Kit
  10. #1
    Puro Instinct
  • It's no secret. If you stick a lady in a band, your marketability skyrockets. Stick two women in a band, you'll go platinum. And if they're sisters....well. Not only will you sell gold records, but you'll be the household fetish for every teenage boy the world over. Perhaps that's why sister duos are cropping up everywhere. Gone are the days when sisters stole each others' boyfriends and ragged on each others' weight. These days, siblings everywhere seem to be getting along swimmingly, even OPTING to work together every single day onstage -- and as far as we can tell, their parents aren't even making them. Check out the top 10 sister duos from around the world! Let's start with #10 MayaVanya
  • #10 MayaVanya
    Casual New Zealand (via Croatia) producer/DJs Maya and Vanya blend world rhythms into sexy bass, club, and downtempo fare, earning them a place in the Diplo rolodex (but who isn't in there these days?). To all sister duos, take a cue from MayaVanya: working with your sister is much easier when you both have headphones on. (Photo Courtesy of MayaVanya) Next #9 Watson Twins
  • #9 Watson Twins
    Want identical twins without feeling threatened? Ditch Tegan & Sara and try The Watson Twins, the LA folk pop darlings you could take home to mama. They'll even cover some of her favorite songs. (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images) Next #8 T-ara & 5dolls
  • #8 T-ara & 5dolls
    Before K-pop fans skin me alive, hear me out. I know that the twins Hyoyoung and Hwayoung aren't in the same group, but the potential for rivalry here is juicy as all hell. Hwayoung got picked up by T-ara, an established girl group in South Korea, while Hyoyoung recently got a gig with the small rookie group 5dolls. The tabloids are a-pouncing on the age-old Cain and Abel question: Is there jealousy? Who is jealous of whom? When will we see a knife fight? Well, the answer varies depending on the source. But here's my answer: I'm jealous of them both, cause they hot. (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images) Next #7 The Pierces
  • #7 The Pierces
    From deep south Alabama, these folk melodic alt-rock babes have a sizable foothold in the UK -- aided by their besties, Coldplay. They didn't both get the dominant hair gene, but they've got talent running through their DNA. And four albums. (Photo Courtesy of The Pierces Next #6 Tegan and Sara
  • #6 Tegan and Sara
    Unless you're lying, these Canadian identical twins probably freak you out a little bit. You're not alone. They DO look really intense. And they DO look EXACTLY THE SAME. And they ARE staring deep into the recesses of your brain, and they ARE judging you and sharing their freaky twin brainwaves about it. But when they're not doing all that, Tegan & Sara being Juno-award-winning, six-album-dropping indie pop artists. They're dissing Odd Future. They're touring with The Killers and Gogol Bordello. They've been around longer than anyone on this list. So maybe there's something to the whole monozygote thing. Womb = free rehearsal space? (Photo Courtesy of Tegan and Sara) Next #5 Les Nubians
  • #5 Les Nubians
    Could it be that these Grammy nominated Chad/French-bred half-Cameroonians have some subliminal sibling rivalry hidden in their lyrics for "Afrodance"?" "I love you, I hate you sometimes...sister." Well, it's a reach, since they're talking about their hair. Nevertheless Hélène and Célia of Les Nubians do have an undeniable common mission: spreading their sleek Afropean sensibility. Now 13 years into their R&B career, it's safe to say that they get along pretty well -- and they look damn good doing it. (Photo Courtesy of Les Nubians) Next #4 LCMDF
  • #4 LCMDF
    Electropop duo LCMDF (Le Corps Mince de Françoise or "Francoise's skinny body") is a true synthy gem out of Finland. Born of Scandinavian arteests, the sisters say they originally named their band after their dead, anorexic cat. But neither their music on their new release Love and Nature -- nor their solid sisterly relationship -- is as dark as all that. (Photo Courtesy of LCMDF) Next #3 CocoRosie
  • #3 CocoRosie
    Paris-based moustache fetishists CocoRosie formed their band in a bathroom, which had the best sound in their apartment. Now they're four records deep into oddball cabaret pop that would only come from a lifetime of playing with dolls together. (Photo Courtesy of Getty Images) Next #2 First Aid Kit
  • #2 First Aid Kit
    There's a serious lack of rage within the First Aid Kit sisterhood. Nothing to see here but plaintive guitars, campfire loveliness, and the occasional plaid shirt. Not a single *reported* incident of hair pulling. Johanna and Klara Söderberg are two cute-as-buttons Swedes who went viral with a darling cover of a Fleet Foxes song. (Awkwardly enough, they got more hits than the original. Woops.) The cover launched these mild-mannered ladies into underground, acoustic, woodland folk glory, where they made friends like Jack White. So, if you're not already taking parenting cues from Mr. and Mrs. Söderberg, fly to the backwoods of Scandinavia and bring a pen. Or just go to the nearest Ikea. (Photo Credit: MTV Iggy/Chuck Kerr) Next #1 Puro Instinct
  • #1 Puro Instinct
    Blond buzz duo Puro Instinct or 23-year-old Piper and teenager Skylar Kaplan -- pitched in a bit late to the beachy chillwave front, but this sister duo is still widely coveted (ahem, Piper's hot) probably because of their songwriting capabilities and (ahem Piper's hot) distinctly muddled production (ahem Ariel Pink did that part). (Photo Credit: MTV Iggy/Chris Carranquillo) More Lists