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  1. Delhi2Dublin20
  • Tarun Nyar and Ravi Binning perform a duet for dhol and tabla.
  • Andrew Kim is D2D's able sitar player.
  • Kytami's Celtic fiddle brings both melody and kick to the mix.
  • Once these guys get going it's hard to get hung up on genre distinctions.
  • Sanjay Seran's hip-hop and dub reggae inspired vocals catalyzed the band's wild energy.
  • Though they are often described as world music, that barely scratches the surface of what this group is up to.
  • Can awesome global dance party be a new genre term?
  • Fiddle solo!
  • All this and a message of peace and harmony. Oh, Canada!
  • On stage the band produces enough heat to melt their different influences into one distinctive sound.
  • Kytami belongs to the full contact school of fiddle playing.
  • Kim is apparently also very strong. Sitars are really freaking heavy!
  • Delhi 2 Dublin went where the spirit took them on stage. For Kim that meant playing a headless guitar with a bow.
  • The audience was sweating too.
  • At full steam the quintet gave new meaning to the term playing rough.
  • They got downright fierce in fact.
  • Seran built an intense connection with the crowd.
  • Delhi 2 Dublin sort of borrowed a bit of everything that makes people dance around the world and made a band with it.
  • They borrow a lot of Bhangra.
Vancouver, Canada

Delhi 2 Dublin: Join the D2D Indo-Irish Dance Party!

October 5, 2010

Last Friday, genre-bending electronic/Celtic/Bhangra/dub group Delhi 2 Dublin brought their high-energy, culture-blender show to Drom in New York City as part of the New York Gypsy Festival.

Fiddler Kytami, sitar player Andrew Kim, and vocalist Sanjay Seran exuberantly bounded over every inch of the stage as percussionists Tarun Nayer on tabla and Ravi Binning on tabla, dhol, and sampler locked the beat down tight.

Our photo correspondent brought back these memorable shots from the Vancouver, British Columbia quintet’s joyful live performance.

All Photos: Nichole McCall