Infinite x MTV K First Showcase
  • Leo headbangs as the avatar-fashioned NC plays Arabic fretwork
  • The green spotlight on a smirking singer
  • The crowd reaches for the stars
  • Fist up, Leo! Guitarist Anthony waits for the cue
  • Backstage with PUi after the show
  • A belly dancer and her buddy
  • The dramatic sounds of PUi
  • Brian rocks hard on bass
  • PUi packs Highline Ballroom
  • Yes, NC, we dig your body paint
  • A warrior-like NC screams death metal
  • Leo mimics a puppet during the tune "Puppeteer"
  • Love those PUi washboards
  • Lights flicker on PUi toward the end of the evening
  • The PUi experience is outrageous!
  • NC and the crowd reach towards each other

PUi @ Highline Ballroom: Gypsy Metal with Washboard Abs

March 24, 2011

We don’t really know what PUi means or why the “U” is capitalized. But we do know that the New York-based gypsy metal warrior-lookalikes put on a really riveting show!

Between a snake charming belly dancer, intimidating abs, hefty body paint, and a unique Arabic folk metal sound,  it’s no surprise that the group sold out their performance at Highline Ballroom on March 18th.

Dressed like they were rearing for battle, the band — who you recognize from our Top 10 Gypsy Punk list — hammered through the dark, spiritually loaded tracks off their 2010 debut album You Will Clap. Frankly, you’ll do a lot more than clap at a PUi show. You’ll lose your sh**.

Read an interview with NC Shuva of Pui!


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