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Air — So Light is Her Footfall


So Light is Her Footfall

By toksala

January 13, 2010

Ambient electro duo Air are just the type of band to commission this video: a black and white dream of a femme fatal walking down labyrinthine halls, pushing through diaphanous curtains, tracking up shadowy stairwells. And of course they costumed the woman in a retro ’40s hat and set the whole thing at a haute mansion: The whole thing is as quietly melodramatic, so understatedely sexy as an Air song.

Wait till halfway through, when she stumbles into a scene we’d all like to stumble into: A classy, paneled study in which Air just happens to be playing. Her foot may fall softly, but this video tells of some smashing intrigues.

The song is off their latest, last year’s Love 2.

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