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Blitz The Ambassador– “Best I Can” (Music Video)
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Blitz the Ambassador

"Best I Can"

By Halley Bondy

May 6, 2011

Blitz The Ambassador's New Video Reveals Some Native Sun And Corneille

When Brooklyn by way of Ghana rapper Blitz the Ambassador issued his highly anticipated album (and short film) Native Sun this week he revealed a host of collaborators as well.

There were some old favorites of ours, like Baloji, Shad, and Les Nubians — and then there was Rwandan artist Corneille gracing “Best I Can” with his lilting, golden voice. It stood out like a monument and made him a newly minted favorite. I broke a speed record typing his name into the Google search bar.

In the new “Best I Can” video we got a closer look at Corneille, Blitz, and a few more clips from Blitz’s film about a small boy from the Ghanaian countryside who heads to Accra when he loses his mother.

The video and the track are pretty intense. Blitz isn’t interested in going slow on this one, but if you keep up you’ll hear him reference Miles Davis, Dave Chapelle, Basquiat, and Manny Pacquiao before the song is over. It’s the verbal equivalent of a high speed chase. Corneille provides some pensive counterpoint with the hook. And it all gels into something that will  move you in more than one way.

As for the clips of the movie Native Sun, they suggest the short film is more than just a visual accompaniment Blitz’s rich and complex musical statement. It looks like its own self-contained world. But you’ll have to get the album to make sure.

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