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Buraka Som Sistema — “Hangover (BaBaBa)”
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Buraka Som Sistema


By farahj

May 2, 2011

Buraka Som Sistema Go To Africa

Portugal kuduro masters Buraka Som Sistema just dropped another dance party track, this time with the help of Angolan talent.

The foursome went to Angola to throw down with local producers, and quite by accident, they discovered MC Nacobeta. The hook on his kuduro track “Baba Baba,” a series of relentless monosyllabic lyrics to a kuduro beat, seriously spoke to them. More likely, it made them shake their unstoppable a$$es.

Buraka hijacked the hook and stuck it on a stripped down kuduro track.  “Hangover (BaBaBa),” out June 6, is the club-friendly result.

The weird video is also a series of looped scenes from the streets of Angola — where they apparently really know how to dance.  Watch “Hangover (BabaBa).”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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