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Music Video Review

Darey — “Ba-Ni-Kidi”
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Darey -- "Ba Ni Kidi" (Music Video)

By farahj

May 2, 2011

The title of Darey’s new single “Ba Ni Kidi” means “Give Me the Beat” but the song is more about riches than rhythm. The Nigerian pop star underscores his theme with a truly hypnotizing music video where he plays the devilish ringmaster of a crooked circus.

This comic role is a delicious departure from Darey’s usually smooth and dignified persona. (Those glasses!) The whole thing is a giddy rush and one of the most sumptuous and creative videos I’ve seen in a long time. “Ba Ni Kidi” also has the kind of earworm quality that hits are made of, but with its house beats and global bass flavor the track is also potentially groundbreaking.

Additionally, “No more questions give us the money!” is my new tag line for everything.

Like the crowd in the video, Darey’s real life audience might not know what hit them. And that audience could soon be much more international. His following in Nigeria is strong, but with his ambitious two part album Double Dare out now and a collaboration with American rapper Chamillionaire on “The Way You Are” out there, and now this, a lot more people could be asking about this man.

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