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FOKN Bois — Sometimes



By toksala

March 14, 2011

Ghana's FOKN Bois Drop Cheeky MV For "Sometimes"

FOKN Bois were the first to make the world’s first Pidgen-language hip hop musical Coz ov Moni, and now they’re billing themselves as the first Ghana hip hop duo at SXSW to make you LOL.

They recently dropped a video for “Sometimes” off their upcoming album FOKN Wit U. It opens with a M3Nsa the Magnificent Minstrel nearly drowning in the sea. His compatriot Wanlov the Kubolor pulls him to safety, and together they share a good rap/cry.

The rest of the lyrics are in pidgen, but they promise that the smooth 90s Q-Tip style track is so damn offensive that all their fans will abandon them, only to be replaced by much-needed air conditioners. I’m pretty sure that’s not how ACs are born, but keep the faith, guys.

Listen to “Sometimes.”

Photo Credit: Sophia Spring

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