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Track Review

Maluca — “Lola (Ging Danga)”


"Ging Danga"

By Halley Bondy

June 8, 2011

Growls and GIFs

Maluca — the Dominicana princesa and prized pet for Robyn and Diplo – just dropped a fab ghettotech cut with a GIF-y lyrics video.

“Lola (Ging Danga)” is a shoutout to sexy strong bitches everywhere, set to a looped basement beat and club sirens. Maluca grunts the gamut of the Spanish dictionary to describe the iconic mujer independiente — herself, specifically. At the very least, she’s definitely a tiburón.

“Lola” comes off her upcoming EP, her latest since the alluring Tigeraso and her tour with Robyn and Natalia Kills. Maluca is unique for the Mad Decent contingent. She’s not a dude, for one, nor is she two blond Aussie chicks, nor is she a German duo attempting to boldy go where no cumbia has gone before. She’s a rapera who gels together simple beats, hearkening the glory days of DJ Nasty and Disco D — only bilingual.

The video will make you all nostalgic for 90s internet themes. More likely, it will make you happy that it’s over.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

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