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Hello Seahorse! — Un Año Quebrado

Hello Seahorse!

Un Año Quebrado

By toksala

December 1, 2010

New Hello Seahorse! Video Is Awesomely Spooky

Finally a music video that deals with death without resorting to images of graphic violence! Thank you, Hello Seahorse! The new video for the Mexican folktronic prodigies’s “Un Año Quebrado,” is about a guy who turns out to be dead and it’s totally beautiful.

The video approaches death and the afterlife the only right way: with colored smoke and scary demon masks.  But it’s not just a bunch of cheap theatrics. It really has the focus and intensity of a short story.

And the epic metaphysical journey is thankfully matched by the power of the track it’s meant to showcase. Watching the video’s protagonist navigate a new plane of existence makes Lo Blondo’s operatic vocals seem twice as eerie and haunting.

The track is from the group’s recent LP Lejos. No Tan Lejos. It follows the single “Casa Vacia.”

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Hello Seahorse! Un Año Quebrado from Oro de Neta on Vimeo.

Photo Courtesy of Hello Seahorse!

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