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Isaiah Toothtaker — Faith No More

Isaiah Toothtaker

Faith No More


By toksala

April 5, 2011

Isaiah Toothtaker Goes Headdress in "Faith No More" Video

Arizona rapper Isaiah Toothtaker is open about a lot of things — his assault conviction, his father who was shot and killed by police when he was 22, his tattoo parlor in Tuscon, Arizona — but you won’t hear him blab too much about his half-Mexican and half-Pasqua Yaqui tribe background. Not on his websites and interviews, anyway.

But in the video for “Faith No More,” he dons a headdress and sings a small native call vocal inflection in the hook. It’s unique to his new album Illuminati Thug Mafia, which is laden with the smart beatmaking likes of Mainframe and Kid Static, but it’s only a small part of a seriously satisfying head bobbing hip hop track.

The video also comes with flashes of religious symbols. An  inverted cross and a Jewish star get some chyron cameos while Isaiah and a very lovely friend traipse through the wilderness.

Watch “Faith No More.” And don’t forget listen to Illuminati Thug Mafia in its entirety — despite the name, there’s not an ounce of hip hop pretense involved.

Faith No More from Isaiah Toothtaker on Vimeo.

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