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Concert Review

LA Blondes Take the Heat

Puro Instinct


By toksala

March 23, 2011

Puro Instinct is fronted by two very blonde, attractive sisters. That simple fact was enough to get one of my guy besties to tag along with me to cover the LA dream pop, shoegaze outfit. This should have been no easy feat. The set was a late one at Klub Krucial — a stagnant, hot as hades hellhole of a club that will turn back into a hip hop dance spot after the witching hours of SXSW. It should also be noted that on this particular night, as if the stale air and sardined, sweat-drenched strangers weren’t enough, a concentrated fart permeated every square foot of the place. The incredible factors working against this show indicated that, like my friend, at least a good third of the people braving the elements that night at Klub Krucial were also sucked in by the whole “hot sister” thing.

Puro Instinct, SXSW

No wonder why there were so many dudes at a girly dream pop show, just look at her! Photo Credit:MTV Iggy/ Chris Carrasquillo

Before those reading jump all over me for suggesting that the best thing about Puro Instinct is the hot sister gimmick/fetish, it must be pointed out that the girls — and their handlers?– have absolutely no problem feeding that particular fetish monster. The cover art for Puro Instinct’s recently released Headbangers in Ecstasy would be the most obvious testament to this. It features the two girls in lingerie sprawled out on satin sheets with a bunny. The fact that the younger Kaplan is only 16 just adds to the ever enticing “tsk-tsk” factor of it all.

But fetish gimmick or no fetish gimmick, I was eager to hear what the girls actually had to offer…musically. When the sisters hit the stage wearing sparkle adorned clothing and additional Spice Girls-style cheek sparkles I felt a little ill, but did a double-take when Sklyar begin killing it on the guitar. Each pluck was made with impressive precision and the notes rang out, transcending the fetid air.

Not so transcendent were the elder Kaplan’s deadpan, Nico-esque vocals filled with so much echo and distortion that it was difficult to surmise what her voice actually sounded like. But it may have been for the best as despite the muffle of layer upon layer of affects, she was still decidedly pitchy. She did her best, however, by working hard at looking disturbingly post coital throughout the set. This involved expressive pouts, lip biting, face rubbing, and the flopping of her tousled, blonde tresses to alternating sides of her face.

Fortunately, Piper Kaplan seemed just as eager as I was to get the f*** out of there as she finally rattled off something about doing one more song and then having someone please buy her a drink. I would, and immediately did, drink to that.

Puro Instinct, SXSW

Puro Instinct caught in the spotlight. Photo Credit:MTV Iggy/ Chris Carrasquillo


Photo Credit: MTV IGGY

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