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Track Review

Live Your Life by Yuna


"Live Your Life"

[Fader; 01/24/2012]

Rating: 5

By Beverly Bryan

January 24, 2012

An Inspirational New Groove

Today we got our first intimation of what MTV Iggy Best New Band finalist Yuna has been working on with Pharell Williams. “Live Your Life,” the lead single from Yuna’s forthcoming self-titled album, debuted today on iTunes and speaks clearly of a fertile collaboration between the Malaysian singer-songwriter and the Grammy-winning producer, who took the controls for the album.

The track takes the jazzy elegance that made Yuna’s acoustic folk-pop EP Decorate so memorable and thoroughly capitalizes on it. Pinpointing the modern-vintage appeal of Yuna’s style, Williams has successfully translated it into something decidedly un-acoustic.

Smooth yet upbeat, the new disco groove that is “Live Your Life,” places Yuna in an entirely new context while leaving plenty of room for her fragile, ethereal voice to do what it does best — enchant and emote. In this case, her mood is expansive and buoyant. The song is about following your dreams and embracing life — but it doesn’t boil over into emotional cartwheels. The subtle polyrhythms and lively bass give it a surprising Latin lounge vibe that stays just at a simmer while Yuna metes out level-headed advice for seizing the day.

Every part of the single has been polished until it gleams, but it still feels organic enough for Yuna’s voice to breath. Instead of burying her, it lifts her up and gives her a new vantage point. Or maybe it gives us a new vantage point — there are hints in “Live Your Life” that this reserved songwriter has a certifiable diva inside waiting to shine. Perhaps, we’ll get to know that side of her better when the LP comes out this Spring.

Listen to “Live Your Life” here.


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