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Liz Ogumbo — Big Nyash

Liz Ogumbo

Big Nyash

[Gallo, Mi-Fone Music]

By toksala

April 12, 2011

Backside Is Beautiful In Liz Ogumbo's "Big Nyash" MV

In her song “Big Nyash,” Kenya’s Liz Ogumbo wants to know, “what are you going to do if you don’t have big nyash in the blue jeans?” Well, for one thing, you are going to feel very left out watching her new music video for the track, which is alternatively and more blatantly titled “Big A$$ in the Jeans.”

Ogumbo is a former model and fashion designer in addition to being a musician. Her fashion company, House of Imani, also manages models and holds weekly open calls for new talent. So the song has a bit of a social message to it. The video opens with a note about her campaign against the pressure on models and aspiring models worldwide to be a size zero. She goes into this ugly aspect of the fashion industry in more detail on her site. See, you don’t have to be plus-sized to play on her team, but you do have to have a size.

In song, the singer-songwriter expresses her feelings about this issue by celebrating the beauty of the booty and reminding would-be size zeros that it seems like a great idea until you realize you don’t have anything to show off in your jeans. She fills out her excellent point with some, um, cheeky references to padded underwear. The video further underscores the message with lots and lots of healthy denim clad butt.

In addition to promoting sexy curves, the “Big Nyash” video is also promoting KenSoul, her new album of jazzy neo-soul sounds. You can enjoy a sassy acoustic version of the song at her music page.

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