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EP Review

Mono/Poly — Manifestations



[Brainfeeder; 04/05/2011]

By toksala

March 11, 2011

Analog Hip Hop Styles on Mono/Poly's Manifestations

Between last night and today, I’ve listened to Mono/Poly’s Manifestations EP about three times, and I’ve listened to the track “Needs Deodorant” about 30 times. In fact, I’m listening to it right now. It’s so nasty.

Starting out with “Billy Jean”‘s famed snare sound, the drums are quickly masked by big sounding P-Funk style percussions sounds. The rest of the build is enough to bring a tear to Mr. Oizo’s eye, bringing back the ill minimal synth composition of 99′s Analog Worms Attack.

The EP starts out with a drumless synth line that stands well on its own, kind of like “Kaini Industries” off Board’s of Canada’s Music Has The Right To Children. The cloudy electronic ambience throughout the record hints that Mono/Poly is a Boards of Canada fan from the hip hop side and not from the IDM side.

Manifestations is half gangster and half sentimental, combining really hard percussion with sweeping melodies. Mono/Poly has hit a nice balance with this EP and for anyone who finds the LA beat scene a bit inaccessible from the standpoint of hip hop should start here.

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