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Santiago, ChileLa Bala by Ana Tijoux
Rating: 4

La Bala by Ana Tijoux

Featuring lots of blood, bullets, and corrupt colonels, the lyrics on Ana Tijoux's new album read something like a Gabriel Garcia Márquez novel. Except the album isn't set in some sleepy colonial town,...
Alor Setar, MalaysiaLive Your Life by Yuna
Rating: 5

Live Your Life by Yuna

Today we got our first intimation of what MTV Iggy Best New Band finalist Yuna has been working on with Pharell Williams. "Live Your Life," the lead single from Yuna's forthcoming self-titled album,...
Brooklyn, United StatesPorcelain Raft — Strange Weekend
Rating: 4

Porcelain Raft — Strange Weekend

Mauro Remiddi’s solo work, which he writes and performs as Porcelain Raft, floats with urgency – yeah, it’s a contradiction I’m still working out. The Italian-born wanderer, lately of Brooklyn, favors...
Bamako, MaliSMOD @ Webster Hall, NYC

SMOD @ Webster Hall, NYC

The members of Malian hip hop trio SMOD wore Western-style street clothes while mingling with the crowd at globalFest 2012 held at New York City's Webster Hall. But for their own headlining set in...
Stavanger, NorwaySix Cups of Rebel by Lindstrøm
Rating: 2

Six Cups of Rebel by Lindstrøm

After Lindstrøm's cosmic LP Where You Go I Go Too and his widely-lauded collab with Christabelle, I was expecting another exercise in outer space jazz and sexy electronic funk house in his sophomore solo...
Malé, MaldivesDecadence by Nothnegal
Rating: 3.5

Decadence by Nothnegal

Decadence, the debut album from Maldivian quintet Nothnegal is an interesting development in the field of death metal -- one that warrants further observation. It's a densely packed blast of melodic...
Paris, FranceZaz @ Webster Hall, NYC

Zaz @ Webster Hall, NYC

Zaz skipped onstage at Webster Hall's ballroom during GlobalFest 2012 in New York City and executed a sort of jig when she got to the mic, adding her voice to the gently swinging jazz melody her...
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaManshines by Fauna
Rating: 4.5

Manshines by Fauna

Amidst a flurry of overly experimental albums from pioneering Buenos Aires collective ZZK, Fauna’s sophomore disc Manshines reminds us why we collectively fell in love with the “cumbia digital”...
Limerick, IrelandSerious About Men by The Rubberbandits
Rating: 4

Serious About Men by The Rubberbandits

For the past decade or so, the universe has only tasted Limerick City's greatest gangster rappers The Rubberbandits in sporadic, ridiculous blips. That they put together all their songs, prank calls, and...
Philadelphia, United StatesZakee — “Snakes”

Zakee — “Snakes”

"Snakes" is one of the most ethereal tracks on Zakee's debut album Assimilations and the new video takes us to a spiritual sort of place. Crooning gently and looking sharp as usual, our avant pop seeker...