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EP Review

Put Some Red On It by Spoek Mathambo

Spoek Mathambo

Put Some Blood On It

[Sub Pop; July 2011]

By Halley Bondy

September 27, 2011

Mathambo's Haunting Futurism

We’ve been feelin future bass artist Spoek Mathambo‘s latest EP Put Some Red On It ever since we first listened to it back in July. Today we hear it’s up gratis over at Fader. You should definitely go download this one, folks.

The stellar six-track release opens with a bewitching minute-and-a-half long intro that flows from sirens, deep breathing, chanting, and whistles to horns and finally, shouting, as if in a football game. Next is “Put Some Red On It,” an eery, sardonic tune about blood diamonds. Two skilled remixes follow the original title cut. Machinedrum offers a drum-machine-dense chopped & screwy re-imagination, while Shabazz Palaces’ more melodic version in turn spotlights the song’s rap. The EP’s second original track, the hip-hop/rock/electro/everything genre-blender, “Dog To Bone” is a fascinating trip from start to finish. Telepathe’s electro-heavy reworking of the same song, the final track on the EP, has a spacey, galactic vibe.

Once you have a listen, you’ll totally get what Mathambo meant when he told us: “For me the spirit of hip-hop today is total pastiche. It’s the ultimate post-modern art that takes all these influences, chops them up, and spits out something that has elements of everything. So for me, the music I’m making is like, I might say, post hip-hop, but it comes from the spirit of hip-hop. That’s where my heart has always been.”

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