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Rita Indiana Y Los Misterios — “Da Pa Lo Do”

Rita Indiana

"Da Pa Lo Do"

[Premium Latin]

By Halley Bondy

October 20, 2011

Hispaniola Hugs It Out In Rita's Latest

Electro merengue diva Rita Indiana has no qualms making political statements with her art. From her songs about migration and conditions in her native Dominican Republic to her 70′s-inspired first video, “El Juidero” (“The Getaway”), where she played an assassin in the aftermath of the politically-motivated murder of a Dominican journalist“La Montra” has proven she’s got lots to say.

Indiana’s latest clip, for song “Da Pa Lo Do” (“There’s Enough For You Both”), hit the Dominican airwaves and the internet this week just as government enacts its harshest immigration law yet. The video, filmed near the Dominican-Haitian border, shows two warring men dressed in 19th century uniforms who, after experiencing a Marian apparition (with Indiana as a creole virgin), shake hands and embrace.

The evocative video’s message about fraternity draws inspiration from the song—a heartbreaking allegory set to a fast-paced fusion of two island rhythms (Haitian rara and Dominican gaga) about two impoverished brothers who don’t understand why only one of them is fed if there’s enough for both of them.

Watch “Da Pa Lo Do” here.


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