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Shout Out Louds — Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

Shout Out Louds

Howl Howl Gaff Gaff

By toksala

December 2, 2009

New Shout Out Louds Video, Song, Tracklist

The Shout Out Louds were one of those bands of my high-school days, of my college years that soundtracked the parties in beat-up apartments, that funelled us to basement shows to see the group come in from Sweden. So I was overjoyed today to see that their next album — the first in nearly three years — will drop in early 2010. And they’ve got a tantalizing tidbit; a new track that shows they’ve grown up a lot.

In ’03, their international debut Howl Howl Gaff Gaff put a new indie-sound into the spectrum: crunchy guitars that wheedled beneath sincere, romantic lyrics. It was like Elliott Smith had toured with The Strokes and they’d traded instruments.

But they weren’t a down-beat, purely-for-the-romantics band: these were songs to shake and jump to. “Very Loud” and “The Comeback” were indie-pop hits, making college radio charts and rousing fans in the Bowery Ballroom to sing along. Here’s a vid for the catchy “Very Loud”:

’07′s Our Ill Wills proved that the messy, scrubby excited band had encountered a lot of lonely sadness in the intervening years… Produced by Peter Bjorn & John, the record’s more sorrowful, big-throated sound was compared to The Cure and The Smiths. Check out the single, “Impossible”:

Now, Work is set to come out on Merge in early 2010. All we know so far is the first track, “Walls” which dropped yesterday. In the video below, the band is shown working at Seattle’s Bear Creek studio with Phil Ek, an indie-pop producer with serious cred — having worked with the Shins, Modest Mouse, Band of Horses, and Fleet Foxes. It’s a snippet of rock stars behind the scenes that shows how they’ve embraced their American studio setting. The Swedes jaunt out for fast-food burgers and milkshakes, take a yellow cab around town, and flounce back to their ranch-style suburban home.

The song itself? It’s clearly the track to start off an album. Listen to how it slowly builds up then breaks: “To get to know yourself” the lyrics go, “you’ve got to run away.” It seems they’ve run to America. And now, they sound like they better know themselves:

Here’s the full tracklist for Work:

01 1999
02 Fall Hard
03 Play the Game
04 Walls
05 Candle Burned Out
06 Throwing Stones
07 Four by Four
08 Moon
09 Show Me Something New
10 Too Late, Too Slow

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