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Track Review

Skream — “Anticipate” (ft. Sam Frank)


"Anticipate" ft. Sam Frank

[OWSLA; 11/14/11]

By Samantha Edussuriya

November 18, 2011

For almost a decade, super-prolific UK dubstep pioneer Skream has experimented with the parameters of bass music even as he helped shape the sound it’s now become. And while he can distort, filter, phase and otherwise dirty up a bass line until the wobble makes you want to crap your pants, his knack with melody — specifically the sincere curiosity and playful joy that limns his synths and chords — always set him apart.

That emotive quality floods “Anticipate,” a song written for his newborn. Sam Frank’s vocoderized vocals dip and float and croon like a robot who’s just discovered how to feel. Like a spaceman singing a lullaby back to earth. Like a new dad shivering with fear and excitement.

“I can’t wait to meet you/and I know (and I know)/I have to learn how to teach you/ I need to let the fool in me go” — this is heart-on-sleeve material and should be cheesy as sh*t, but it’s not. Instead it’s almost fearless in its earnestness — as the ultrasound scan artwork makes very clear.

Skronky distortion and evil throbbing low end doesn’t factor into the sweet euphoria of this track so if this isn’t hard enough for you, check out the drum and bass remix by Netsky.

For the rest of us though, this is the work of a master who has nothing left to prove to anyone except himself. And now his son.

Sidenote for the dubstep-obsessive: The track’s released on Skrillex’s label, OWSLA. For more on the Skrillex/Skream relationship, check out our interview.

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