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Spoek Mathambo — Kult Leader

Spoek Mathambo

Kult Leader

[Discobelle Records]

By toksala

April 17, 2011

The Terrorist Wins In Wool & Spoek's "Kult Leader" Video

South African electro-futurist Spoek Mathambo has teamed up with Berlin-based DJ/producer Wool for Kult Leader, an EP of dangerous beats out now on Discobelle Records.

The music video for the title track runs roughshod over the boundaries of good taste and sensitivity, but if you saw the gorgeous mayhem of Mathambo’s videos for “Control” and “Don’t Mean To Be Rude” you won’t be surprised.

Still, this one kind of trumps the others. Its star is a scrawny loner who has collaged his dumpy apartment with pictures of  the ad hoc club duo. (And we thought we were obsessed with Spoek.) The loner wires himself with homemade explosives and then hits the club where DJ Wool is throwing down.

Yeesh. Are they saying this new track is supposed to be explosive?

“Kult Leader” is creepy enough on its own, with its bass that throbs like a tension headache and Mathambo’s lyrics conflating the tropes of gangster rap with the outlook of a delusional cult leader.

Mathambo has a real talent for making music that gets at the shadowy, neglected corners of the subconscious, so it’s only fair that he should be able to make music videos that match. Just be aware, this one could trigger panic attacks.

Photo Courtesy of Spoek Mathambo

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