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Music Video Review

Tegan & Sara — Alligator

Tegan & Sara


By toksala

March 5, 2010

You’ve heard this song playing somewhere. It’s the single with the chorus, “Over You. Over you!” That would be “Alligator,” by Canada’s favorite indie pop twins Tegan and Sara.

Now, this delightful track off their last album — 2009′s poppy Sainthood – has a video that features the pretty, elfin-featured brunettes doing what all Canadians seem to have been doing this week — participating in choreographed, athletic spectacles and wearing uniform winter wear.

Directed by Marc de Pape, the video’s style is super DIY — the set consists of some fake snow, confetti, an igloo made of trash bags, and a pile of confetti. Michel Gondry, eat your heart out.


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