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The Static Jacks


[Unsigned; 10/06/2009]

By toksala

September 1, 2009

Music Review: The Static Jacks are Off To The "Laces"

So I just got an advance copy of Laces, the 3rd EP from The Static Jacks, and, simply put, I’m slack-jawed and craving more.

The indie quintet from New Jersey has been hard at work on the album since graduating high school (yes, high school) in June 2008. And it shows. Laces presents a new sound for the Jacks — one that is at both darker and considerably more impassioned. The poppy hooks of previous releases Sonny Halliday (2007) and last year’s Bridges and Tunnels have been exchanged for a breed of garage punk that channels everyone from The Jam and The Misfits to Tokyo Police Club and the Titus Andronicus.

Anthems “Woah Woah Woah” and “Who Are The Replacements?” depict the group’s grotesque view of a suburban life filled with broken promises, bad beer, and, of course, those artsy-fartsy kids you couldn’t stand by junior year.

TSJ Frontman Ian Devaney’s heated wails perfectly complement the raw, tinny guitars provided by Henry Kaye and Mike Sue-Poi, while drummer Nick Brennan and bassist Spencer Kimmins have never sounded better. But is the EP maddeningly catchy, or are you just in for a bunch of angry, young noisemakers spewing their guts out in five tracks?

Well, both. And therein lies the brilliant paradox of Laces. Here’s a record filled with such a perfect mix of angst and hum-ability that you don’t know whether to throw it on for a dance party or a late night, soul-searching, car ride. Whichever you choose, the EP is a must-have. I can’t speak for the state of your shoes, but guys, Laces is tight.

[Check out the band's tunes on their MySpace page or pre-order from Insound to get a free digital copy on September 15th. There's already a video up for the single "My Parents Lied."]

Photo Credit: The Static Jacks


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