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Theophilus London — Timez are Weird These Nights (The Remixes)

Timez Are Weird These Days (The Remixes)


Rating: 3

By Suyeon Kim

April 12, 2012

Solid remixes take Theo to Ibiza, 90s London, and 80s hip hop

Before we even get to the music, we’d be remiss not to mention that Theophilus London has outdone himself with the marketing for his new remix album — to wit, every song comes with its own special animated GIF.

The awesome that such a move implies is pretty solidly reflected in his choice of remixers, from dubstep giant Skream to up-and-comer Brodinski, of aptly named Bromance Records. Brodinski’s version of “Last Name London” quakes like it’s from the belly of a massive soundsystem, flipping Theo’s original Knight Rider soundtrack production.

And as so often happens in the DJ world, complete unknowns make a strong showing. In this case it’s the winner of Theo’s remix contest, Silasopathic, whose take on “All Around the World” drains out the joie de vivre and adds plenty of dread in the form of early hip-hop breaks, ominous organ stabs, and even some jungly bits. Italian electro-house group Bloody Beetroots brings the sunsets and babes with their Ibiza-friendly disco take on “Why Even Try.” Theo’s line Why even try/to lie about the end of a relationship, takes on an almost soothing quality, like “Why even try dude, cause really, there’s other hotties in the club.”

The really big deal that we’re all waiting for in our Theo London calendar, of course, is his big drop with A$AP Rocky, in which they promise to combine and form an NY neo-hip-hop renaissance Voltron. But in the meantime, this will keep us grooving to Theo in a totally new dance direction late into the night — maybe straight through to the Big Spender’s April 15 drop.

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