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User Manual by Tunde Olaniran Ft. Miz Korona

Tunde Olaniran

"User Manual" Ft. Miz Korona

[Exchange Bureau Music; 01/03/2012]

By Beverly Bryan

January 3, 2012

If lousy boyfriends could talk ...

In the song “User Manual” off his EP The First Transgression, Michigan-based electro auteur Tunde Olaniran plays the anguished anti-hero trapped in a confusing relationship that brings out the worst in him. He sings: “I’m no good for you/I’m your enemy/Say I’ll change but/You can’t believe me.” His vocals ride pulsing synth and dirty, minimal beats.

Halfway through this lightless little number you are thinking, what is wrong with this person’s not-so S/O? Why don’t they just leave this loser alone? Right on cue Detroit’s Miz Korona turns up with the rap verse to tell that side of the story. It’s a great track that now has a rich visual component.

In the brand-spanking music video there seems to be some kind of nocturnal Afro-futurist ceremony underway in a forest. The imagery is darkly alluring (like a toxic relationship) and evocative in a less-than-literal way. After all, modern relationships can be incomprehensible, and a lot like wandering around at night without a flashlight sometimes.

Ladies and gentleman, if the short film you are about to watch reminds you of your love life, it’s time for a change:

Image courtesy of Tunde Olaniran

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