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Wanlov the Kubolor — African Gypsy

Wanlov the Kubolor

African Gypsy

[Unsigned; 03/09/2011]

By toksala

March 16, 2011

Wanlov the Kubolor Drops "African Gypsy" Feat. Keziah Jones

As one half of Ghanaian hip hop duo the FOKN Bois, Wanlov the Kubolor just put out an hilarious video for the track “Sometimes,” off their forthcoming disc FOKN Wit U. Now he’s dropped yet another wiggy, cheeky track called “African Gypsy.”

How does he do it? Is he perhaps the hardest working man in Ghana’s hip hop scene? If he is, he hides it behind a very laid back facade.

He may have left the other FOKN Boi M3nsa behind for this outing, but he’s not totally going it alone on “African Gypsy.” He enlisted Nigerian singer-songwriter Keziah Jones to provide the jerky, Balkan-flavored guitars that make the song feel like barreling down a dusty road in a wooden caravan. Wanlov’s agile flow in English and Pidgen further agitates things.

Did he just invent gypsy hop? Hard to say, but hold on because it’s a bumpy ride.

But isn’t Wanlov supposed to be in Austin, Texas at SXSW with M3nsa? Perhaps, like a true gypsy, he could be anywhere at anytime. Listen to his song right here.
“African Gypsy” Feat. Keziah Jones – Wanlov the Kubolor
Wanlov The Kubolor – African Gypsy ft Keziah Jones by Wanlov

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