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Zechs Marquise — “Everlasting Beacon of Light”

Zechs Marquise

"Everlasting Beacon of Light"

[Rodriguez Lopez Productions; 01/11/2012]

By Beverly Bryan

January 11, 2012

Surprising Stars and Desert Dreams

Mars Volta sibling band Zechs Marquise’s new video for “Everlasting Beacon of Light” off their recently released sophomore album Getting Paid is like one of those epic dreams you wake up from hoping it means something — something super awesome.

Deep down you know it means you shouldn’t eat cheesecake and an entire Frito pie right before you go to sleep. But it leaves you with the pleasant feeling that there might be some magic afoot in the world after all.

In the clip, surprise stars Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes and Rx Bandits’s Matthew Embree play out an illogical cloak and dagger scheme involving an everlasting beacon of light, animal-men in tailored suits, and some intense gangsters, set against a Southwestern desert backdrop.  It doesn’t make any sense at all, and yet somehow it helps the loping psych-disco-prog track, which unfolds over six-plus minutes, to make more sense.

If it means anything, it most likely means that you should pick up these young prog rockers’s latest LP so you can unravel its many contradictions at your leisure. Just don’t do it right before bed.

Oh, and there is a reason the video seems like a nocturnal ramble. Watch until the end:

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