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Special: Sweden’s Indie Scene is Unstoppable

When Sweden became the third largest music exporter in the world (the US and the UK were one and two on that list) back in 2007, we have to admit, we weren't surprised at all. We're no strangers to the scene or the Swedes who are lighting it up on the regular, from techno to hip-hop and everything in between. And yet the new rising class of melody-makers just never cease to amaze us. Whether it's INGRD, Avicii, First Aid Kit or Icona Pop, the Swedes are definitely onto something.
Gothenburg, SwedenLittle Dragon
artist profile

Little Dragon

Sweden’s Little Dragon specializes in English-sung, soulful electronic music. Though their band name is a reference to Yukimi Nagano’s fiery-temper during record sessions, Little Dragon’s music—a playful blend of R&B, New Wave, experimental and...
Stockholm, SwedenLykke Li
artist profile

Lykke Li

A native of Skåne, Sweden, Lykke Li has a truly global and quirky approach to her music. Employing tools such as a bullhorn, analogue voice recorders and quirky objects-turned-percussion Li creates delicately layered songs that sound damn tough. Pulling...
Stockholm, SwedenRobyn
artist profile


A blonde Swedish dance-pop diva. How prosaic, how expected, how Ace of Base, how Roxette…how ABBA. Actually, if that's what you’re thinking you're sadly behind the times. The home country of Max Martin (uber-producer/songwriter for *NSYNC, Britney...
Stockholm, Sweden“We Love American Diners!”

“We Love American Diners!”

For such young musicians, the Swedish sister duo First Aid Kit sure have seen a lot of the world. Between dropping their sophomore album Universal Soldier, working with producer Jack White, touring the globe, and sampling the world's cuisines, these...
Stockholm, SwedenRobyn on Fashion, Personal Style

Robyn on Fashion, Personal Style

"I think there are lots of artists that have [style], but there are lots of artists that don't have it." says the pop singer. Check out what Robyn is like in concert in New York as well as photos of the pop queen in action!
Gothenburg, SwedenJunip — “Always”

Junip — “Always”

With groovy rhythms and ethereal lyrics, "Always" was definitely meant to be the title track from their first LP, Fields. Check out MTV Iggy's intimate and exclusive performance of the track. Itching for more songs, interviews and pics? Don't worry,...
Stockholm, SwedenShout Out Louds — Fall Hard

Shout Out Louds — Fall Hard

We keep dropping tastes of the new Shout Out Louds album as they leak, but nothing is satiating us. The new video for indie-pop gem, "Fall Hard," just makes us want more. First off -- the song is an...
Top 10 Robyn Appearances of All Time!

Top 10 Robyn Appearances of All Time!

Robyn is everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. Her career has gone so ballistic that she's singing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in December. The NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. The one reserved for inventors and saints and spiritual gurus and Mother Teresa and the...
Gothenburg, SwedenJaqee Skanks In Style

Jaqee Skanks In Style

We're starting to think that ska is making a comeback. Release those repressed memories of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mustard Plug, and whatever else traumatized you in the '90s. Artists like the soulful and super slick Jaqee are giving us the feeling...
Gothenburg, SwedenRitual Union by Little Dragon

Ritual Union by Little Dragon

Fresh from a hot SBTRKT collaboration, Sweden electropop dream team Little Dragon has returned with their own LP -- considerably wizened since their 2007 debut. Granted, wizened does not always mean...
Stockholm, SwedenPallers Debut Well-Traveled Electropop

Pallers Debut Well-Traveled Electropop

Stockholm-based duo Pallers is fast gathering accolades for their moody electropop debut The Sea of Memories. Johan Angergård of Club 8 and Acid House Kings teamed up with sometime collaborator (and friend from way back) Henrik Mårtensson and spent a...
Stockholm, SwedenBeldina Malaika
artist profile

Beldina Malaika

Beldina Malaika is a Kenyan artist living in Sweden, yet she’s coveted by some of the American greats. At just 22, she has opened for Faith Evans and thrown down vocals for Stevie Wonder. More recently, she sang the hook on the Childish Gambino track,...
Stockholm, SwedenGetting The Concept of Stockholm Pop

Getting The Concept of Stockholm Pop

Hailed as Sweden's answer to Phoenix, The Concept's infectious, happy-go-lucky tunes fit the pop music formula to a T. The Stockholm sweethearts happen to know just a bit about the pop music industry-- all four members have served under the pop...
Stockholm, SwedenFirst Aid Kit — “Emmylou”
Music Video

First Aid Kit — “Emmylou”

Swedish duo First Aid Kit disarms us with folk-soaked harmonies in “Emmylou,” a grand ole tearjerker. The sisters pay acoustic guitar homage to country music’s greatest duets as they serenely dance in clouds of orange smoke.
Stockholm, SwedenFirst Aid Kit
artist profile

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is Johanna and Klara Soderberg, two Swedish sisters who grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm and make haunting acoustic music influenced by the old-time country of the Carter Family and Bill Monroe. In 2007, at the ages of just 17 and 14,...
Stockholm, SwedenTove Styrke — “Call My Name”
Music Video

Tove Styrke — “Call My Name”

Tove Styrke is crazy in love! The Swedish electropop singer’s longing for a lover sends her to a glammed-up psych ward in “Call My Name.” Styrke uses her pop-perfect vocals, techno-tinged production and an interesting pair of catsuited backup dancers to...
Stockholm, SwedenNiki & The Dove — “The Fox”
Music Video

Niki & The Dove — “The Fox”

Swedish electropop trio Niki & the Dove draw up a dreamy sci-fi fantasy in the animated music video for “The Fox,” a single off their upcoming debut Instinct. While the visuals are totally computer generated, the song’s taut guitar riffs and xylophone...
Stockholm, SwedenWTF is INGRID?


By now, it’s clear that Sweden is HQ for the Illuminati. The frosty nation is populated entirely by blonde socialist hipsters who spend their days sitting in minimalist furniture and crafting electronic pop hits. These are the facts. Now, many of...
Stockholm’s Elliphant On Parade

Stockholm’s Elliphant On Parade

Name: Elliphant Genre: Dirty Bass Pop When They Started: 2012 Most Like: Maluca, Buraka Som Sistema The Sound: Very raw bass influences put into a woodchipper Elliphant is one of those mystery groups that doesn't have an official bio...
Umea, SwedenTove Styrke Has Something For Everyone

Tove Styrke Has Something For Everyone

Name: Tove Styrke Genre: Pop When She Started: 2009 Most Like: Robyn The Sound: Radio pop with some good ol' Swedish melancholy Tove Styrke's hit song "Call My Name" could easily hurl her into the ranks of the Katy Perry and Kelly...
Stockholm, SwedenSwedish House Mafia — “Greyhound”
Music Video

Swedish House Mafia — “Greyhound”

Imagine “Grease” in the year 3058. Then you’d have Swedish House Mafia’s “Greyhound!” The Stockholm house music trio offers a sleek, modern tune with futuristic imagery to match. The CGI-animated robotic race dogs race faster and faster as the beat...
Stockholm, SwedenIn the Kitchen with Amanda Mair

In the Kitchen with Amanda Mair

The Swedish Dusty Springfield is soft-spoken, and glows from within with the sweetness of her music. Listen as she sits among the cupcakes and batter in Molly's Cupcakes's cute kitchen and tells us how she got her start, wowing Labrador Records with her...
Stockholm, SwedenAmanda Mair — “House”
Music Video

Amanda Mair — “House”

Referencing the Swedish island where she grew up, Amanda Mair plays her piano on icy beaches and cold woods in her music video for "House." The song's yearning lyrics Can't you see I'm only happy/When you're in the house, has a very creepy visual...
Stockholm, SwedenIcona Pop
artist profile

Icona Pop

Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo met at a party and, sharing the same passion for music, they quickly became BFFs. The Stockholm electro-pop artists are creating sounds both sweet and sassy. Their song "Manners" was released on Kitsune and became an instant...
Stockholm, SwedenYears Away — “Starting Fires”
Music Video

Years Away — “Starting Fires”

Mom always told us not to play with fire or you’re bound to get charred. Years Away, a Swedish electronic pop duo, flirts with the flames in “Starting Fires.” The pillow-soft, melancholy tune reminds us of an 80s power ballad with clashing drums, an...
Malmö, SwedenGnučči Sheds the Banana, Debuts In Style

Gnučči Sheds the Banana, Debuts In Style

Two years ago, Gnucci Banana roared into the spotlight -- dressed in a tiger suit no less -- for the cover of Miike Snow's "Animal" by Mash Up International. The new version might have struck some as strange -- it was manic and joyful, and the new beat...
Stockholm, SwedenFaye — “Water Against The Rocks”
Music Video

Faye — “Water Against The Rocks”

Art pop princess Faye has a few taxicab confessions. “Water Against the Rocks” is a simple, escalating track that highlights the Swedish star’s capable voice range. With YouTube commenters comparing her likely crossover to the likes of an emerging Adele...
Gothenburg, SwedenMiriam Bryant — “Finders Keepers”
Music Video

Miriam Bryant — “Finders Keepers”

Miriam Bryant, an emerging English Swede pop singer, stakes her claim in the game with “Finders Keepers.” Cast in black and white, Bryant provides a syrupy swarm of heavy, pleading vocals as a dramatic symphony of strings and clashing piano chords...
Gothenburg, SwedenMiriam Bryant: The Find from Gothenburg

Miriam Bryant: The Find from Gothenburg

Name: Miriam Bryant Where They’re From: Gothenburg, Sweden Genre: Soul pop When They Started: 2012 Most Like: Adele Sounds Like: A rainy day with a hint of a panic attack With just one single out, English-born, Swedish-raised,...
Stockholm, Swedeniamamiwhoami — “Drops”
Music Video

iamamiwhoami — “Drops”

Jonna Lee of iamamiwhoami continues her mysterious rendezvous with a huge, hairy monster in “Drops” from Kin, the Swedish electro dreampop duo’s debut. As Lee dances by herself in a barren, modern apartment, her light voice mingles with the dramatic,...
Stockholm, SwedenCornelia Shares Her Fairy Tale

Cornelia Shares Her Fairy Tale

Cartoon voiceover artist, Swedish Idol defector (she quit in the final rounds!), label manager -- these are just some of the biographical standouts for Cornelia, the Swedish-bred, London-based indie-pop artist to watch if you're down with nostalgia,...
Stockholm, SwedenThe Royal Concept — “Gimme Twice”
Music Video

The Royal Concept — “Gimme Twice”

Everyone knows that one is never, ever enough. Handsome Stockholm quartet The Concept, indie pop newbies, can relate. Their single “Gimme Twice” screams hipster…their ever-present leather jackets, shaggy but chic hair and generous dose of tough groupie...
Stockholm, SwedenAvicii — “Levels”
Music Video

Avicii — “Levels”

Oh to be young, Swedish, and ridiculously popular. Avicii’s omnipresent, chart-peaking, EDM-meets-Etta-James James track “Levels” speeds up the countdown to Friday with “Levels.”
Djura, SwedenKarin Park — “Thousand Loaded Guns”
Music Video

Karin Park — “Thousand Loaded Guns”

We wouldn’t want to be the guy that pissed Karin Park off. In her latest video for “Thousand Loaded Guns,” the Swedish electro-pop singer gets some serious revenge on an ex, and she looks damn good doing it. Off her latest album Highwire Poetry, the...
Djura, SwedenSpend a Night in the Dark With Karin Park

Spend a Night in the Dark With Karin Park

Name: Karin Park Where She’s From: Dalarna, Sweden When She Started: 2003 Genre: electro pop Sounds Like: An all-night jam session between Lykke Li and Robyn, with Karin's voice sounding...
Stockholm, SwedenAlesso
artist profile


Alesso may be young, but he's already got quite the resume in the EDM world. The Swedish DJ and producer specializing in progressive house music was first noticed for his remixes of other EDM legends such as Swedish House Mafia, Kaskade, and Tiesto. But...
Norrland, SwedenKalle Gracias — “Tvatusentolv”
Music Video

Kalle Gracias — “Tvatusentolv”

Kalle Gracias keeps it chic and simple with “Tvåtusentolv” or “2012.” The Norrland, Sweden emcee and model’s lyrics are lushly highlighted with simple, piano riffed production and sparse drum beats. We get a glimpse of breathtaking Northern nature as he...
Gothenburg, SwedenGraveyard: Swedish For Hard Rock And Beer

Graveyard: Swedish For Hard Rock And Beer

Name: Graveyard Where They're From: Gothenburg, Sweden When They Started: 2006 Genre: Doom metal with a soupcon of Creedence Most Similar: Kadavar, Glorior Belli Sounds Like: Black Sabbath...
Stockholm, SwedenSaturday, Monday — “Headshake”
Music Video

Saturday, Monday — “Headshake”

Who said that the youth is wasted on the young? Not Saturday, Monday. The Swedish post-dubstep electro band depicts a party of epic proportions – we’re talking colored smoke and roller skates, people – with synth and electro keyboard action, record...
Stockholm, SwedenAdam Tensta, Sweden’s Great Hip-Hop Hope

Adam Tensta, Sweden’s Great Hip-Hop Hope

Ok, Sweden. You’ve already proved that you're the best at music. You secretly run the pop music industry. You have all the dreamiest indie rock girls. You have the Swedish House Mafia, whose annual take in DJ fees rivals the GDP of certain small...
Stockholm, SwedenOtto Knows — “Million Voices”
Music Video

Otto Knows — “Million Voices”

Otto Knows, a house DJ from Stockholm, takes us back to the lofty days of summertime in “Million Voices.” A gaggle of kids in Seine-et-Marne, France have authentic afternoon fun on their skateboards. Their rapidfire moves aren’t just powered by wind –...
Stockholm, SwedenKate Boy — “Northern Lights”
Music Video

Kate Boy — “Northern Lights”

Kate Boy, an Australian-Swedish band, gets artsy in “Northern Lights,” a single from their EP of the same name. An obscure-but-sleek rotating sculpture consists of components of the group’s personality – along with lone guitar strums and a catchy...
Stockholm, SwedenElliphant — “Down On Life”
Music Video

Elliphant — “Down On Life”

Elliphant, a Stockholm dirty pop group, makes Iceland a little bit hotter with “Down On Life” from a forthcoming self-titled EP. As the bevy of ponytailed vixens glamorously explore the country’s sandy shores, a whirly combination of synth, strong drum...
Gothenburg, SwedenSebastian Mikael’s Newjack Swing

Sebastian Mikael’s Newjack Swing

Name: Sebastian Mikael Where he’s From: Gothenburg, Sweden When He Started: 2010 Genre: Pop soul Most Similar: Daley, Miguel Sounds Like: Collegiate coffeeshop r&b teenage dream Sebastian Mikael is a thrifter. This may seem like a...