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Special: What’s Now in South Africa

Cape Town, South AfricaSpoek Mathambo Is Not Exotic

Spoek Mathambo Is Not Exotic

South Africa's prince of Township Tech, poster child for Afro-futurist electropop, husband of Sweden's Gnucci Banana, a one-man genre-blender who paints with music and composes with colors...Spoek Mathambo is simply one of the most exciting young...
Cape Town, South AfricaWho Is Cooler than Jack Parow?

Who Is Cooler than Jack Parow?

In his long bill snapback and porno moustache, “The Pirate of the Caravan Park” is getting ready for big things. Jack Parow is a Cape Town rapper who, along with frequent collaborators Die Antwoord, is shaking up the South African internet with the...
Cape Town, South AfricaTaxi Violence — “The Turn”
Music Video

Taxi Violence — “The Turn”

At a time when just about every new band dabbles in electro-this or synth-that, Taxi Violence is a blast of pure classic rock from Cape Town, South Africa. Muscular guitars, plaintive-yet-growling vocals, drumstick-splintering backbeat -- what you hear...
Bellville, South AfricaJack Parow — “Cooler As Ekke’
Music Video

Jack Parow — “Cooler As Ekke’

No one on the corner has swagger like Jack Parow, South African rapper who drops braggadocios knowledge in “Cooler as Ekke” – “cooler than me.” If it weren’t for Jack’s awesome long bill snapback and his bevy of South African beauties, we’d be pretty...
Bellville, South AfricaJack Parow — “Byellville”
Music Video

Jack Parow — “Byellville”

Keep your translator handy! Jack Parow (and his signature snapback) is back with Afrikaan rap in “Byellville.” If you didn’t think he was cool before, the platinum-selling lyricist brags that he’s so next level, his “groupies has groupies.” Okay, sir....
Bellville, South AfricaJack Parow — “Dans Dans Dans”
Music Video

Jack Parow — “Dans Dans Dans”

Jack Parow delivers gold-gilded rhymes (and boxing shorts) with "Dans Dans Dans." We want to "f**ken, f**ken dans" too -- the hypnotic synth and Francois van Coke's powerful voice is too hard to resist.
Bellville, South AfricaJack Parow — “Tussen Stasies”
Music Video

Jack Parow — “Tussen Stasies”

South Africa’s Jack Parow shows his serious side in “Tussen Stasies,” or “between stations.” Featuring a cameo from Die Heuwels Fantasties (kind of like SA’s Postal Service), Parow displays the versatility that has earned him international recognition.
Bellville, South AfricaDie Heuwels Fantasties — “Noorderlig”
Music Video

Die Heuwels Fantasties — “Noorderlig”

Die Heuwels Fantasties, known as “the happy hollows” in layman’s terms, are complete show offs. The South African electronic band and graphic designers kept the “Noorderlig” mv under wraps for eight months. The lifelike sci-fi imagery and attention to...
Bellville, South AfricaaKING — “The Runaround”
Music Video

aKING — “The Runaround”

aKING knows where the wild things are. In “The Runaround,” the South African melodic rock band stimulates our imagination with dreamy animated images and an even dreamier sound.