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Auckland, New ZealandBroods — “Bridges”
Music Video

Broods — “Bridges”

New Zealand brother-sister synthpop duo Broods know the intricacy of young love. In the video for “Bridges,” a young pair test out the boundaries of adventure, fun, and...
Auckland, New ZealandLADI6 — “Diamonds”
Music Video

LADI6 — “Diamonds”

Bonnie and Clyde don’t have anything on the adorable grifters in Ladi6’s video for “Diamonds.” Like Icarus, Ladi6 flies too close to the sun and pays the ultimate cost...
Auckland, New ZealandLorde — “Team”
Music Video

Lorde — “Team”

Yet again, Lorde combines minimalist production, a talent for thoughtful lyrics, distinctive vocals, and a heavy dose of teen spirit in “Team.” Her music videos really...
Auckland, New ZealandMayaVanya — “Run”
Music Video

MayaVanya — “Run”

The sister duo of MayaVanya were born in Croatia but spent half their lives in New Zealand where they DJ’d some of the biggest clubs before becoming internationally...
Auckland, New ZealandDavid Dallas — “Runnin’”
Music Video

David Dallas — “Runnin’”

New Zealand rapper David Dallas samples a blues recording for “Running” to show how hard his struggle has been and how he’s had to hustle to rise to the top. It’s kinda...
Auckland, New ZealandLadi6 — “Ikarus”
Music Video

Ladi6 — “Ikarus”

How the video for “Ikarus” relates to the Greek mythological figure might be tangential, but the purr of Ladi6’s Badu-esque vocals make us forget about making that...
The Best Videos of August 2013
Music Video

The Best Videos of August 2013

In this month's best of playlist, look out for 80's-style saxophone riffs courtesy of Sweden's Postiljonen, shimmery nu-disco sounds and ultra-opulent yacht-wear from...