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Melbourne, AustraliaCozy Up to Chet Faker’s Fragile R&B

Cozy Up to Chet Faker’s Fragile R&B

Chet Faker is Melbourne's most soulful export. With his puppy dog eyes, burly lumberjack beard, and intimate croon, he's charmed fans of indie pop, soul and R&B with his...
Melbourne, AustraliaChet Faker — “Talk Is Cheap”
Music Video

Chet Faker — “Talk Is Cheap”

The video for Chet Faker’s “Take Is Cheap” shows the full circle of life with the help of neat visual effects. The Australian singer-songwriter goes from appearing as if...
Sydney, AustraliaThe Death Set — “Soar Away”
Music Video

The Death Set — “Soar Away”

Pizza and its cheesy goodness are the primary focus of The Death Set’s video for “Soar Away.” A pizza delivery girl goes through an array of emotions as she takes the...
Sydney, AustraliaAnna Lunoe — “Breathe”
Music Video

Anna Lunoe — “Breathe”

Anna Lunoe is a spirit in the grid in her video for “Breathe.” The pulsating beat traps you in its forcefield like a video game you just can’t put down.
Sydney, AustraliaLittle May — “Hide”
Music Video

Little May — “Hide”

Two girls try to hide their frustration by taking an unconventional stroll in the woods in Little May’s video for “Hide.” The Aussie trio may have been in hiding from an...
Melbourne, AustraliaBanoffee — “Reign Down”
Music Video

Banoffee — “Reign Down”

In her video for “Reign Down,” Australian singer Banoffee incites the people she encounters to break into dance. Her entrancing voice and the song’s hip-hop production...
Sydney, AustraliaWhat So Not — “Jaguar”
Music Video

What So Not — “Jaguar”

"Jaguar" is a psychedelic, Gondryesque spoof of stardom. What So Not is the supergroup of Flume and Emoh Instead and in the dubsteppy video, the boys get sponsored,...