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Kyoto, JapanAnarchy Reps for Kyoto’s Lost Kids

Anarchy Reps for Kyoto’s Lost Kids

The versatility of the gangster rapper trope will never stop amazing me. Anarchy, an underground Japanese rapper who's spent the past few years rising into global hip...
Moscow, RussiaKeramika by Pixelord

Keramika by Pixelord

Moscow beatmaker Pixelord channeled his inner child on Keramika ("ceramics"), his new chiptune-centric EP on Hit and Hope. Compared to his January EP Fish Touch, the new...
The MTV Iggy Show — Episode 6
MTV Iggy Show

The MTV Iggy Show — Episode 6

We’re bringing you to Iceland to meet some not-so-sheepish indie rockers, we’ll swing past the UK to visit the queen of the grime and then wind up in China for a Kung-fu...
Tokyo, JapanMiyavi: A Samurai Guitarist in 3D!

Miyavi: A Samurai Guitarist in 3D!

The debonaire J-rock megastar spent a recent afternoon with MTV Iggy, performing an exclusive acoustic set in New York's elegant Hudson Hotel. Whether bathed in the glow...
Tokyo, JapanNew Album by Boris

New Album by Boris

The latest entry in the annals of ungoogleability is the new album from Japanese experimental rockers Boris. Called New Album, it contains several reworkings of songs...
Sapporo, JapanHatsune Miku Live in Sapporo

Hatsune Miku Live in Sapporo

You have to be prepared for a hyperreal experience at a Hatsune Miku concert screening in Times Square's Empire 25 IMAX. The event setup on November 10 was already...