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Barcelona, SpainEl Guincho
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El Guincho

El Guincho, also known as Pablo Diaz-Reixa, doesn’t make your typical album, which is why we dig him. There’s instant calm in Spanish singer El Guincho’s tracks and his album Alegranza!, won Pitchfork’s Best New Music in 2007. El Guincho’s latest...
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Córdoba, ArgentinaFrik-Out!


Name: Frikstailers (that’s Freak-stylers to you Anglo folk out there) Where They’re From: Córdoba, Argentina Genre: Electro-cumbia, global bass Most Similar:...
Barcelona, SpainEl Guincho Is An Electro Style Icon?

El Guincho Is An Electro Style Icon?

We love El Guincho's tropical-inflected electro stylings. But we've never thought of the mop-headed, super-casual Spanish artist as a candidate for a style profile or...
Barcelona, SpainEl Guincho — FM Tan Sexy

El Guincho — FM Tan Sexy

I'm super jealous of Spain's electro tropical master El Guincho. He has a seriously fun family. Two guys who claim to be El Guincho's cousins -- named Alfredo Montes...