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The Best Music Videos Of 2013
Music Video

The Best Music Videos Of 2013

Throughout the year we’ve featured sexy, silly, innovative, emotional, gorgeous and thought-provoking music videos from around the world. Our annual "best of" playlist...
Berlin, GermanyDream Koala — “Odyssey”
Music Video

Dream Koala — “Odyssey”

19-year-old Dream Koala shocks us again with the surreal video for “Odyssey.” With the easy-going melody and crazy visuals it's easy to believe when Dream Koala says...
Berlin, GermanyBoy — “Oh Boy”
Music Video

Boy — “Oh Boy”

The Swiss-German indie pop singers of Boy look to early surrealist cinema, like the movie Un Chien Andalou, for the inspiration for the video “Oh Boy.” The upbeat track...
Munich, GermanyClaire — “Games”
Music Video

Claire — “Games”

“Games” is a sun-kissed, shimmery electropop track by Munich-based group Claire. It’s video wistfully shows the friends embracing life in slow-mo—the speed at which...