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Kingston, JamaicaGyptian
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Double entendres are common in song lyrics, but Gyptian’s summer 2010 megahit, “Hold Yuh” pulled off the neat trick of being both sweetly innocent and shockingly risqué. His lilting, crooning, club-friendly track climbed charts that year and all-star...
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Brooklyn, United StatesRicky Blaze Has Got The Gift

Ricky Blaze Has Got The Gift

Young producer and solo artist Ricky Blaze is turning 24 on the day he picks up the phone for MTV Iggy, and he's got plenty to celebrate. The Brooklynite's latest...
Kingston, JamaicaHold You by Gyptian

Hold You by Gyptian

They say nothing’s certain in life, but if there’s one thing we feel pretty darn confident about it's that Gyptian knows lovers rock. The Jamaican crooner’s fourth...