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Kingston, JamaicaTarrus Riley — “My Day”
Music Video

Tarrus Riley — “My Day”

Jamaica’s Tarrus Riley has the perfect get up and go tune with “My Day.” Get inspired to get your head out the clouds and smile towards the sun with its video.
Kingston, JamaicaWayne Wonder — “Reset It”
Music Video

Wayne Wonder — “Reset It”

Jamaican reggae/dancehall singer Wayne Wonder takes you to a tropical paradise in the new video “Reset It.” It is an up-tempo reggae love song about two lovers who...
Kingston, JamaicaSizzla — “Good Love”
Music Video

Sizzla — “Good Love”

Sizzla shows off his good boyfriend style in “Good Love.” He rocks a series polo shirts to show he’s not playing around when it comes to commitment. Island romance never...
Kingston, JamaicaChronixx — “Smile Jamaica”
Music Video

Chronixx — “Smile Jamaica”

Jamaican artist Chronixx tells all of Jamaica to smile along to his reggae beat. The video features Chronixx admiring the range of beauty in Jamaica's ladies and we're...
Kingston, JamaicaGyptian — “Non Stop”
Music Video

Gyptian — “Non Stop”

Gyptian gets his Simon Cowell on in the video for “Non Stop” like he’s looking for the world’s next Wining Idol. The dancehall song has a slightly looming tone, like it...