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Lisbon, PortugalKuduro 101 with Buraka Som Sistema

Kuduro 101 with Buraka Som Sistema

For Portugal's electro dance party starters, it's all about the vibe. Read our exclusive interview with MC and producer Conductor as he talks about the foundations of...
6 Portuguese Artists Who Heart Africa

6 Portuguese Artists Who Heart Africa

The gaze between a former governing state and its former colony can be tense and rewarding at the same damn time. Sometimes friction is the perfect motivation for...
Lisbon, PortugalBatida: 808s and Guitar-Breaks

Batida: 808s and Guitar-Breaks

Name: Batida Where He’s From: Lisbon, Portugal via Luanda, Angola Genre: Kuduro (Redux) When He Started: 2007 Most Similar: Baloji, Buraka Som Sistema The...
Lisbon, PortugalKomba by Buraka Som Sistema

Komba by Buraka Som Sistema

If we ever doubted Portugal’s electro-dance crew Buraka Som Sistema could find a way to turn a funeral into a party then consider that question…well…laid to rest.  Their...