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6 Portuguese Artists Who Heart Africa

6 Portuguese Artists Who Heart Africa

The gaze between a former governing state and its former colony can be tense and rewarding at the same damn time. Sometimes friction is the perfect motivation for...
Please Explain: Global Bass

Please Explain: Global Bass

If you ever find yourself in need of proof that the world has become a very small place, there’s probably a party I can recommend for you. Whether you are in Los...
Vienna, AustriaAnbuley’s Oleee EP Out Today

Anbuley’s Oleee EP Out Today

Ghanaian-Austrian musical divinity Anbuley has released her Oleee EP today through Seayou and BIG'N'HAIRY records and it's packed with deadly glamor and reasons to...
Lisbon, PortugalBatida: 808s and Guitar-Breaks

Batida: 808s and Guitar-Breaks

Name: Batida Where He’s From: Lisbon, Portugal via Luanda, Angola Genre: Kuduro (Redux) When He Started: 2007 Most Similar: Baloji, Buraka Som Sistema The...
Lisbon, PortugalKomba by Buraka Som Sistema

Komba by Buraka Som Sistema

If we ever doubted Portugal’s electro-dance crew Buraka Som Sistema could find a way to turn a funeral into a party then consider that question…well…laid to rest.  Their...