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Maputo, MozambiqueGato Preto — “Pirão”
Music Video

Gato Preto — “Pirão”

If there was an afro-futurist version of A Clockwork Orange, it might look a little bit like Gato Preto’s video for “Pirão.” The incendiary Angolan kuduro track pops and...
Luanda, AngolaThe Bass-ification of Angolan Zouk

The Bass-ification of Angolan Zouk

In the past few months, "zouk bass" has been batted around as a new, hot subgenre of global bass. But momentarily side-stepping the dizzying conversations of how global...
Maputo, MozambiqueDama do Bling Rules Moza Hip Hop

Dama do Bling Rules Moza Hip Hop

People call Dama do Bling ("Lady Bling") the Lil Kim of Africa, so it's not too surprising that she's embroiled in some industry beef.  Since exploding onto the...